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"Definitely my favorite pair of bibs I've ever worn!" - Gear Patrol

By Shay Huskey on

Skiing and snowboarding are not uncomplicated sports, and despite a laid-back vibe emulative of surf culture and all the quaintness that goes with sipping hot cocoa in the lodge, there’s a lot that goes into a day on the slopes. To put it plainly, there’s a ton of gear required to make it happen. It’s easy to think that one might be able to skip out on some of the necessities, but any sacrifice will always come at the expense of comfort in the cold. No, white crew socks won’t cut it, and blue jeans aren’t a substitute for snow pants. Baselayers and ski socks, jackets and snow pants, goggles and a helmet, boots, not to mention skis or a board, are requisite.

But it’s not just what’s worn on the hill that deserves consideration — the before and, more importantly, the après, are just as consequential. Sturdy, water-resistant boots (preferably made of leather) are a must-have, and it can’t hurt to bring along an extra hat for when the helmet comes off. Beyond that, attire donned during any post-mountain activities, whether they take place at a local watering hole or a secluded cabin, is entirely a consequence of personal taste. (But it can’t hurt to put a little thought into it.)


When TREW decided to buck the outdoor industry’s traditional business model it was the gear and the people who wear it that benefitted. Like Casper and Warby Parker, TREW operates with a direct-to-consumer business model that allows it to invest more in design and materials without impacting its bottom line. That means that it can harness the cranked-up capabilities of Derzimax NX fabric, which offer a breathability rating of 40,000-millimeters (compared to the 25,000-millimeter rating of Gore-Tex Pro Shell) without breaking the bank.

Powfunk Jacket by TREW $399
TREWth Bib by TREW $399

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