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Our Favorite Ski + Snowboarding Movies, and Where to Watch Them for FREE

Things are looking bleak these days. The vast majority of resorts have closed, with the rest following suit, and travel is under lock down. That spring ski trip you had planned is cancelled, you can't even grab a beer with your buddies to commiserate, and there's not a ton of stuff to do to keep your mind off the figurative shit hitting the fan across the globe. 

But looking on the bright side, there are a plethora of ski and snowboarding movies available online for FREE!

Is watching a rad shred film going to help your current cabin fever? Likely not. Will G.N.A.R. be able to end the pandemic? Not a chance. But if you are stuck at home, have zero money, and are craving some snow time than this may be your best bet. 

Yes, this list is but a mere fraction of the great movies out there - both free or otherwise - but it should at least get you moving in the right direction and down that snowy wormhole. We welcome all additional movies to be shared in the comment section at the bottom of this page!


G.N.A.R. The Game hosted online for free by - find it here

Hot Dog...The Movie hosted online for free by - find it here

Dream Job A short film by Katie Burrell - find it here

This is Home (Faction) - find it here

Offline (Nitro) - find it here

Idea - find it here

Horgasm: A Love Story - find it here

The Art of Flight - find it here

Guilt Trip (Salomon) - find it here

Drop Everything - find it here

The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding - find it here

Claim - find it here

Quicksilver Films, available for free on Youtube

  • Few Words - A Candide Thovex Film - find it here
  • Bryan Fox - Life in General - find it here
  • Take It Easy - find it here

Jeremy Jones' Life of Glide (TGR) - find it here

Fire on the Mountain (TGR) - find it here

As the Crow Flies - find it here

Contraddiction - find it here

Keeshlife Movie 2 - find it here

Matchstick Productions, free movies with email sign-up in their Vault

  • Sick Sense - find it here
  • Ski Movie II: High Society - find it here
  • Seven Sunny Days - find it here
  • The Way I See It - find it here
  • Attach of La Nina - find it here
  • Superheroes of Stoke - find it here
  • McConkey - find it here
  • Days of Our Youth - find it here
  • Even more great MSP films available for free here

FREE w/ Amazon Prime

  • License to Thrill - find it here
  • Drawn From Here - find it here
  • The Blizzard of Aahhh's - find it here
  • Dynamic Medium - find it here
  • Backyards Project - find it here
  • Dark Matter - find it here
  • White Wedding - find it here
  • Back to Life: The Torin Yater-Wallace Story - find it here
  • This Mountain Life -find it here
  • Symphony on Skis - find it here
  • Snowballing - find it here
  • Ski School - find it here
  • From Teton Gravity Research
    • Harvest  - find it here
    • Higher - find it here 
    • The Sammy C Project  - find it here
    • Deeper  - find it here
  • From Warren Miller
    • Higher Ground - find it here
    • Any Snow Any Mountain - find it here
    • Off the Grid - find it here
    • Here, There, and Everywhere - find it here
    • Swift. Silent. Deep. Find it here
    • No Turning Back - find it here
    • Steeper and Deeper - find it here
    • Skiing on my Mind - find it here
    • Dynasty - find it here
    • Journey - find it here 

More of our favorites worth renting or purchasing

Valhalla from Sweetgrass Productions - rent on iTunes for $3.99 here

Sherpas Cinema

  • Into the Mind, rent it here for $3.99
  • All.I.Can. Rent it here for $6.99

Meathead Films - all movies available for purchase here

Level 1 Productions - most movies available for rental ($.99) or purchase here. Personal favorites are EyeTrip (2010) and Romance (2019)

Out Cold - rent it on YouTube here


Spread the TREWth and share a comment with your favorites below!


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