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Essential Gear for Day Hiking - Outside Mag

By Chris Pew on

There’s no easier way to spend some time outdoors than to go for a hike. You don’t need much time, you don’t need much gear, and often you won’t even need to get in your car. 

It’s also just a fun way to spend a couple hours outdoors every day. I take my dog, I take my girlfriend, I meet friends on the trail, and hiking provides a welcome break from my computer. Each day, Wiley and I do a loop here in Los Angeles that’s 4.5 miles long, has 1,600 feet of elevation gain, and takes us about 90 minutes. We do it in the morning, we do it at night, and we do it in the middle of hot summer days.

But, as with all activities, there are ways to improve your experience. Namely, with the right gear. This is the stuff I’ve found works best.

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