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Backyard Beta: Exploring Closer to Home During a Pandemic

By Michael Hibbs on

Stuck at home? Mountain adventures put on hold? We hear you.

Like many of you, Katherine lives in the 'burbs. Sure, she dreams of owning a massive plot of land backing up to National Forest and full of handmade bike trails and fun day-touring terrain. But for the time being, she has a little less than 10,000 sqft of flat, grassy plains to play with to keep her body and mind sharp until this pandemic passes. 

In the first episode of Backyard Beta, our resident den mother at Trew, Katherine, has taken matters into her own hands and has decided to brave the last frontier during quarantine...her own backyard, a place that has always been there but often forgotten. If noting else, we hope that this brings a smile to your face in these chaotic and dark times. 

Have beta on your own backyard?

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