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2020 Has Been A Sh*t-show, But We're More Thankful Than Ever

By Katherine Donnelly on

We'll spare you the full recap of the year we've had, because we've all been living it. Albeit our experiences from this past year may look different from one to the next, in essence we have all faced both communal and personal struggles only to come out the other end with more perspective under our belts and a certain grit to our character that wasn't there back in good ol' 2019.

Together we have all faced uncertainty head on, made sacrifices we had never before fathomed, and somehow here we are....looking at a holiday season unlike any we've ever seen, but still shining through with even more gratitude for what we have.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and possibly the only tradition we're sticking to this holiday, we would like to take a moment to share what we here at TREW are eternally grateful for. And for your sake, we'll do our best not to get too long-winded; after all, with everything we have all been through this year, we're feeling even more thankful for the places and people around us than ever before. 

Firstly, face shots. We've had a pretty stellar early season here in the PNW so far, and if this whole La Nina thing keeps up we could be in for one hell of a season. We have our snorkels ready.

Next up, snack breaks. And if there was a silver lining to the pandemic, it would be that our homemade snack game has really improved.

And where would we be without the skintrack. Not only do we love being outside and in the mountains (we'll get into that shortly), but we are incredibly thankful for what our time hiking uphill does for our soul and body. There is nothing quite like loosing yourself to the rhythm of stepping, listening to your heart beat as cold air fills your lungs. As much as we love the downhill, it's the uphill that makes the backcountry so special.

Which brings us to: the incredible natural world around us. This one needs little explanation. Instead, here's a photo that pretty much sums it up. Mother Nature, we're eternally grateful for you.

And finally, we are over-the-moon thankful for you. Not just you, but all of you! Nothing in this world, including everything on this list, means squat without the love, support, camaraderie, and fun that comes from spending time with amazing human beings. It's been a sh*t-show of a year, but we've learned just how crucial those around us are to leading a full life.

The power and value of community is irreplaceable, and we owe every single one of you a massive thank you. Not only have you kept us going as a business throughout a tumultuous year, but you have inspired us as individuals, challenged us as a brand, and throughout it all you've kept the positivity high and the laughter alive. We only hope we have provided (and continue to) some of the same for you. So thank you. And on behalf of Chris, Hibbs, Jordan and Katherine here at TREW, we wish you a wonderful holiday and a skin-tracked, pow-filled season.

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