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M’s Roam 3/4 Bib detail

Model 6' 170 lbs wearing size L

M's Roam 3/4 Bib

$419 USD

Price if Sold in Traditional Retail Model: $529.00

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This is for the roamers. Get out and move.

Mobility and protection can go hand-in-hand in this touring specific pant. Super-articulated design and a stretch-woven bib upper make for easy climbing, while reinforced Dermizax NX fabrics from the waist down offer extremely breathable, abrasion-resistant weatherproofing. A reinforced, dedicated beacon-pocket fits perfectly on the right thigh and allows for quicker and easier access. 


The Most Breathable Stormproof Membrane in the World

See how TREW’s Dermizax®NX ranks in breathability among other top-rated stormproof * membranes.


* withstands heavy rain and snow under high pressure, earning a waterproof rating of 20,000mm+

M’s Roam 3/4 Bib features
  • 40D 3L Dermizax® NX – body
  • 80D 3L Dermizax® NX – knees
  • Breathable stretch woven upper
  • Stretchy abrasion resistant kick patch
  • Extra height for crampon protection
  • Adjustable heavy-duty stretch jacquard suspender straps with adjustable slip-lock
  • Side vents with YKK Aquaguard® zippers
  • Three zipper sliders allow for adjustable opening
  • Left-side goes from top opening to knee
  • Right-side goes from waist bottom to knee
  • High-quality Bemis 3-layer seam tape on all seams
  • Cross joints reinforced with laser-cut seam tape circle
  • Left-side horizontal zip hand pocket
  • Right-side hand pocket designed for Beacon
  • Hanging pocket bag secured with triple stitch
  • Power mesh sleeve with zigzag stitch
  • Clip for beacon secured by webbing and bartack above pocket
  • Placed high on the thigh for easy movement
  • Cargo pocket on left thigh
  • Vertical zip stash pocket on right thigh
  • Zip fly and belt loops
  • Internal boot gaiters with gripper elastic
  • Laser-cut PU logos
  • Polyester cord with rubber tips zipper pulls
  • RECCO® reflector  
  • 23.4 oz (M)


  • Slimmer fit from thigh to bottom opening
  • Stretch woven upper extends slightly above waistline at side seam
  • Exaggerated articulation at knee point for natural climbing motion 


Our new Touring Outerwear is lighter and more breathable than any outerwear that we’ve ever made. We made sure to include touring-specific features like higher instep protection and a dedicated beacon pocket. 

Toray Dermizax® NX
Waterproof / Breathable Membrane

After years of product testing in brutal conditions, we’ve found Toray membranes to be the most dependable and durable waterproof membranes available. They’re able to retain their weatherproof characteristics even when stretched, stressed, and abused, season after season and wash after wash. Dermizax® NX is the latest evolution of their flagship membrane, and it achieves groundbreaking levels of breathability and stretch without compromising weather protection.

  • 20,000 mm waterproof
  • 40,000 g/m2 breathable  
40D 3L

40D 3L is the lightest and most breathable fabric in the collection. It’s the foundation of our new touring-specific jackets and bibs

  • 40x40 denier nylon dobby weave face
  • 20 denier smooth knit back
80D 3L

80D 3L is the main body fabric in our freeride line, used here to reinforce the high-wearing parts of our touring garments. It’s a silent workhorse fabric with mechanical stretch and an uncharacteristically soft, supple hand for a rugged hardshell. 

  •  80x70 denier plain weave nylon face 
  • 20 denier smooth knit back
Durable Water Repellent Coating

A high-quality DWR coating enhances the performance of the fabric by protecting the surface from dirt and oils. We only use DWR coatings based on the environmentally friendlier short-chain (C6) fluorine compounds, which won't degrade in the environment into PFOS and PFOA. 

Rescue System

All of our hardshell garments now feature RECCO® reflectors, which will bounce back a directional signal to rescue teams equiped with RECCO® detectors. Reflectors are not a substitute for an avalanche beacon or good decision making.  





Awesome touring pants! I'm 6'1, 160 and went with a size L. The length is spot on, and the width through the legs is a really nice compromise between freeride baggy and rando skinny. More taper up top near the waist would be nice as they are rather wide here, but it's not a deal killer. I'm pretty thin, and often have problems with my touring pack pushing the waist down on non-bib pants, even when wearing a belt. These are a great option in-between a full bib and a regular pant. The suspenders are wide and solid, which I prefer over the thin, floppy versions found on many half bib pants. The pocket layout is pretty well thought out, although the thigh pockets are a little low to carry anything substantial without contacting your knee every stride. The beacon pocket is great, but I've found that attaching a key ring to the sewn tether keeps my beacon attached more securely (The bungee clip on the Tracker 2 doesn't fully close and can easily slide off of the sewn tether). The 40D Dermizax is a nice lightweight material, that has surprised me with it's durability thus far. Overall, Stoked!

Written by Sam, Boulder, CO on February 17, 2017 at 8:51 am

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I'm 6'0", around 185 pounds with a 33 inch waist and went with the Medium. The fit is great for me but if you are any taller I would suggest trying the large for better mobility. I have owned both the Roam and Trewth bibs, both in medium although I typically wear large and 32/33x34 pants. In the backcountry the Roam are a better choice due to the slimmer/athletic/alpine fit, the integrated internal beacon pocket, better venting and an overall weight and bulk decrease compared to the Trewth. The leg gaiter cuff is a bit tight for getting boots (size 11 street shoe) over but I actually prefer this because once in place it stays put and really does a great job of keeping snow out while in deep snow or dealing with skins. Boot adjustment can be annoying if you pull the gaiters all the way down, but I tend to just keep them near the top of the boot. As with any fast and light equipment there are trade offs, the Roam bibs are not nearly as bombproof as the Trewth (40-80D fabric compared to 80-140D), so if you are looking for something with a more freeride fit, full bib protection and durability that can stand up seasons of resort riding, occasional backcountry tours, ski edges, tree branches, and being thrown in the back of your car then go for the Trewth. Also, the Roam are not what I would consider to be a full bib, but instead a high waisted pants. This design allows for better ventilation, less material and weight savings, plus the suspenders help dial in the fit and keep them in place. However, I would not mind seeing an extra inch of stretch woven upper material to keep snow out, especially as a snowboarder the need to sit down happens often and can result in snow down your butt. The outer fabric is surprisingly soft to the touch. stretchy, and quiet when walking or skinning. The clip in the beacon pocket does seem to be a bit bulky and over-built but it's hard to complain about something made to safe your life being too burly. I have the 2015 model and believe there have been some small refinements to make the Roam better for 2016.

Written by EG, Colorado on December 6, 2016 at 11:21 am

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I'm a huge fan of these pants for ski touring. They strike a great balance between all weather protection and breathability. I have a couple other softshell, spring/aerobic oriented pants, but none breath as well as the dual zip design of these (vent on the inner and outer leg). It lets you dump heat so efficiently. I won't buy touring pants without this feature after owning these. I've also yet to push them past their weather limit after a season of use, they haven't let me down in harsher winter conditions. One improvement I would like is to make them a little tighter all around, but particularly around the lower leg. They tend to get caught up by crampons on steeper slopes because they are a bit too baggy. I have the 2015 model.

Written by Mark, Sierras on November 13, 2016 at 10:17 pm

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These pants fit well but don't perform very well especially for a touring pant which I believe is what they're marketed as. Even when brand new the face fabric would wet out, the scuff guards were weak and mine started to show wear after just a few tours, and most annoyingly is that the internal gaiter was a pain to get over the cuff of dynafit boots. Not just annoying but an actual inconvienice. They looked cool though.

Written by Doug Hill, New Hampshire on November 12, 2016 at 4:53 am

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These are very nice and functional ski pants and do provide a ton of room for skinning and hiking. A few things to be aware of. They are not bomb proof and are actually very thin and light. After just a few days of skiing the cuffs started to cut and wear so I folded them up which means they collected snow during the day. They are very loose, almost like a fishing wader, which I did not expect and they do not offer a full leg zip up or down but provide great ventilation at mid thigh. To put it into perspective, I coach a ski race team over 90 days a winter so I spend a ton of time walking up and down the Mtn carrying gates and drills. We also ski in an area that averages well over 400 inches a year so tons of powder skiing. I really loved these pants for the freedom of movement, and flexibility but am afraid they are not suited for the wear and tear I put on them in one season. I can see them being excellent for the back country user. One other thing to note. The left velcro pocket is nice and deep but reaching in it with a glove will tear the pocket immediately. The right hand zip thigh pocket is also a great stash for keys, phone etc. however Trew has integrated a large permanent clip inside for securing your "things" which should be removable for those that don't want to use it. All in All a very sweet pant but for very specific situations.

Written by Fletcher White, Teton Valley Idaho on April 19, 2016 at 8:51 am

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I was close to rating these a 4 thumb due to one problem, but these are so much better than any ski pants I've ever owned I caved to a 5 thumb. The positives - Great articulation - you can barely notice these things other than they're keeping you warm in the snow - Surprisingly warm - because of the materials used the insulation is much better than I imagined. I had an older softshell pair of bibs by North Face before and I thought these would be a bit cooler. I was pleasantly surprised that these were quite warm with only a shell design. - Fit - I asked a helpful person at Trew about sizing and she suggested an XS. I am usually a small/med at 5'7, 30 inch waist, and 145lbs, but I went with her suggestion and these fit perfectly. Both the waist and inseam are perfect for my size. - Super pockets and zippers - digging the zippers to cool your legs down on the way up, and the beacon pocket - Wow, these things are light - The bib portion is wider than I thought it would be, but it makes the pants very comfortable. My wife calls them my bucket pants because they look a bit bucket like Only negative (a big one for me) - I was disappointed by how narrow the ankle cuff was and although it stretches it's a pain in the butt to get these over my granted 4 year old boots. This is especially annoying on changeovers where I've had to take off my gloves to move up with cuff to tighten my boots, then lower the cuff afterward. At the top, this can be a real pain due to wind, blowing snow, etc. With all the sweet features offered on these bibs, I am surprised Trew didn't add a zipper/snap or added width to the cuff.

Written by Jeff, Colorado on March 24, 2016 at 8:32 am

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I'm in love with these bibs, they've kept me warm and dry on powder days and days when the wind is blowing hard with only a midweight base layer and shorts underneath. The vents are huge and awesome for staying cool on a hot day of spring skiing. The pockets are great and fit my wallet, phone, beacon, Clif bars, ski strap, and whatever else I need in them with ease. I'm 6' and 175lbs with a 33 waist and the fit is pretty good, the waist is a little loose but nothing a lightweight climbing belt can't tighten up a bit. A quick shoutout to Trew's customer service as mine arrived with a suspender sewed on twisted and they had it fixed and back to me within 6 days. I do have 3 things that are slight annoyances but are very superficial. Those being the thigh pockets sit right above my kneecaps which makes sitting with things in them feel awkward, as Daryl stated the suspender adjustments do slip a lot (I just wrapped duct tape around them to fix that), and I wish the crotch zip went an inch or so lower. Despite those things I'm now a Trew guy for life and will be buying whatever version of these they have when mine wear out.

Written by Eric, Park City, UT on March 17, 2016 at 11:16 pm

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This bib is perfect for the wandering soul caught in the dichotomy between sopping thug pants and dad's nordic tights. Where does the new generation of human-powered skiers turn in a world ruled by smug Euros covered in brands made of materials owned by more brands. These bibs are snug and don't drag when touring but aren't going to make it look like you're trying to race your friends. They layer well and have plenty of versatile pockets. When I first put them on I noticed the lose waist, I thought I chose a size too big, but as soon as I put on my usual layers and realized no tucking was necessary I instantly retracted my quick judgment. My puffy easily fell in the bib and the 3/4 cut keep the snow out even through violent tomahawks. I've tried and tested them an they are still holding up great. My only complaint would be that the suspender adjustments tend to slip. 10 out of 10 would buy again.

Written by Daryl, skiing on January 22, 2016 at 8:29 am

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Hands down the best pants I've ever owned. Worth every penny. Quality garment, lots of great features, attention to detail. Range of motion is great for touring. Plenty of vents to keep you cool when climbing, easy to zip up the vents, even with mitts. XL fit is perfect - I'm 6'2" and 205. Box came in the mail and I was extremely impressed with the presentation. box and packaging were so nice i still have not thrown it out yet. Any company that gives this much attention to a simple box and the presentation of their product HAS to deliver an awesome product and i assume takes even more pride in the products themselves. Great product, great company. Thanks!

Written by Troy Morgan, Lake Placid, NY on December 8, 2015 at 8:16 am

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