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We couldn't be more excited to have you here + joining the TREW family.

We're a small yet mighty community, full of passionate skiers and snowboarders, who love being outside and having a good time. If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place!

Tried + TREW try-on tips

Our number one priority is to make you happy, and the last thing we want is for you to get stuck with the wrong size, length, fit, or product.

So before you take those tags off, let's make sure that the gear you received is just right. To help, we've created the below guide for what we've found to be our tried + TREW at home try-on tips.

This is especially important for all of our outerwear items!

First, try your new TREW on with ALL of your ski/snowboard gear on. Sure, it may sound a bit silly to get full decked out for snow in your bedroom when there's no snow in sight....but believe us, this will be worth it.

- Try it on with base layers, any mid-layers or insulating layers you like to wear, your gloves/mittens, and - most importantly - your boots! This will ensure that the size, length, and fit of the gear you ordered is right for you.

- It's also a good idea to try on jackets with your helmets, too, just to make sure that the hood works well and fits over whichever helmet you wear.

So, you're now fully decked out in your riding gear - from base layers and puffies to your boots, mittens, and helmet. In your bedroom. Alone. We get it, this might feel weird....and it's about to get weirder.

Before you start unbuckling and shedding articles of clothing, take a good 1-3 minutes and give the gear a proper movement test.

- The Sit Test: your new TREW is made for shredding, but at some point - at the bar, on the lift, whereever - you will invariably need to sit down and now is the perfect time to make sure that you can do so comfortably. So grab a chair, and sit your butt down.

- The Squat Test: Next, mimic the stance + movements that you normally take when you're out on your plank(s). Squat down, do some lunges, jump a few times, and move your shoulders and arms around.

If you love the backcountry, do some skinning + bootpacking movements, with and without the vents open. Even try your bibs and/or jacket on with your touring pack. This is your chance to see how everything works before you are fully committed!

If you feel like you're too restricted or just plain uncomfortable, then you may want to consider sizing up or looking at some of our other options/fits online. The awesome news is that we offer FAST & FREE EXCHANGES!

Tried it on. Check.

Sit test, squat test. Check.

Assuming all went well and you're stoked with your new TREW, then it's time to start having a good #$*@ing time!

Take the tags off, plan your impending mountain time, and start counting down the minutes until you and your fresh new kit can take to the slopes. It's all about the fun now, so go on and get out there. Take your TREW gear to new and exciting places, and if you ever have questions, concerns, feedback, or just want to say hi, we're always right here + more than happy to chat.

Drop-seat 101

Stop taking all of your clothes off for your bathroom breaks! Get familiar with your TREW bibs + their respective drop-seat design.

The Chariot and W Capow Bibs will have a rainbow zipper across the bum, while all of our other bibs will offer a drop-seat in the side zipper.

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And for everything else, just get in touch! You can reach our stellar customer support team at or drop us a note here!