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What makes our various products different, and which jacket or bib is right for you? Find out here with our extensive product guides.

Our goal is to provide you with the best outerwear possible, and that can mean very different things from one customer to the next. So before making the plunge into a purchase, we highly encourage our customers to take a moment to read up on our products and find out what jacket or bib is right for you:

Choosing the right JACKET for you - Men's | Women's

Choosing the right BIB for you - Men's | Women's

What sort of fit are you looking for, and how should you size based on the look you're in search of? Welcome to our TREW Fit Guide, where we will help guide you to identify your fit preference and then shop the right gear and sizes for you.

With help from some of the TRW Crew, we're working on creating our new Fit Guides to show how different products and sizes will fit on different body types. This should help guide you to making the right gear decision to get the ideal fit that you've been dreaming of.

Coming soon....

For the most accurate sizing, you will want to look at each specific products' Size Guide.

Each product page will have a unique Size Guide link right above the ADD TO CART button. By referencing these size guides, you will get the most helpful information for that specific product - including suggested body specs, key garment measurements, suggested sizing tips, and much more!

Get Fitted Online

Take our Fitted + Kitted Quiz and we'll send you a personalized product and size recommendation!