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Examples of Outerwear Manufacturing Defects

If you're here, you're looking to see some photo examples of manufacturing defects....and you're in luck! Scroll down to see different images from actual customer warranty situations, with captions under each photo describing the defect.

As a reminder, manufacturing defects can and may include all defects due to the construction, design, or material components of the garment. These are defects that are pre-existing upon purchase, although not necessarily apparent or visible yet. In short, these are issues (or defects) that are present before you even receive the product and only come to light once you begin using it.

^ Capow Bib cargo pocket, stitching failed above the zipper. This is a manufacturing defect, and since this customer bought these less than three years ago this repair was covered 100% by TREW. 
^ A crotch seam failure on a pair of TREWth Bibs. This is not very common, but would be considered a manufacturing defect in nearly all cases. The only reason this would be considered wear & tear is if there was evidence that the item was too small on the customer and the tearing was a result of that - although this is a pretty easy and affordable fix and we do our best to cover it for everyone.
^ Button popped off of a pair of Eagle Pants. This is a classic example of a manufacturing defect, and is covered by TREW for three years after the date of purchase on outerwear (or one year for other non-outerwear products).
^ Bib strap stitching failure on a pair of TREWth Bibs. These bibs were over three years old at the time that the customer reached out and the warranty coverage had expired, so the cost of repair was not covered by TREW - although we did end up splitting the cost with them.
^ Pocket velcro coming off after only a year of the customer wearing his Powfunk Jacket. This repair was covered by TREW.


^ Here is an example of seam tape failing on a Powfunk Jacket. This is not common, but it does sometimes happen - and will almost always be considered a manufacturing defect. This specific instance happened over five years after the customer had purchased the jacket, and so the repair cost was up to them.


^ This one is a bit hard to see from the photo, but this is a Capow Jacket that arrived to a customer with a small hole in the pocket. This is 100% a manufacturing defect, as the customer had just unpacked it and had yet to wear it. In this specific case, we had him ship the original jacket back to us and then sent him a brand new one.
^ This the the retainer pin on a Powfunk Jacket that has failed. As stated on our warranty page and elsewhere on our website, zippers follow a different coverage system than all other components of TREW Gear. All TREW zipper issues are considered manufacturing defects for the first year after purchase, and then after that they are considered wear & tear. This specific jacket was purchased within a year of the customer reaching out, and so this issue would be categorized as a manufacturing defect - and as such, TREW covered the cost of repair. To learn more about zippers and how we handle warranties and repairs, check out Here's What You Should Know About Zippers.


Thanks for tuning in! This is in no way a comprehensive list of manufacturing defect examples, but rather a collection of some of the most common issues we see. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at We're always here to help!