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We are excited to present the Final Chapter of the TREW Creator Series, “Finding Light” with Salt Lake City based photographer, videographer, and creative juggernaut, Erica Hinck

In this series, Erica combines her love for the mountains with some experimentation behind the lens to create some TREWly unique images. Erica shot these photos in Big & Little Cottonwood canyon after sunset. The series has been a space for her to blend studio lighting techniques she has used indoors with the outdoor environment.

Check out the selected works for the Final Chapter, Chapter Three: “Finding Light” and her inspiration behind the project. 


Tell Us About This Photoshoot Erica!!

The look of these photos is so unique. How did you bring these to life?

The main component of this shoot was an off-camera flash that was incorporated above the head of my friend, Jay. I wanted to create a spooky and adventurous look, so top-down lighting seemed the most appropriate! 

What was your inspiration or guiding idea?  

Over the past few years I have been slowly studying indoor lighting techniques, so my inspiration was to blend what I've learned about lighting with the beauty of nighttime and fresh snow. In a studio space you have complete control over every factor and that's not the case outside. So this was a fun challenge to blend control with lack-there-of with this set of images. 

Which location did you pick for this series?  

I shot this series in two locations. The first was in Little Cottonwood and the second took place in Big Cottonwood Canyon. When I first tried to do this shoot, the wind was gusting so strongly that I broke my light and had to redo the project in a more wind-protected area a few days later.

Favorite photo from this project (shown below)?  

I love the expression on Jay's face. It feels open and confident. It encapsulates how I think many of us mountain-lovers feel towards the outdoors!


Check out Erica's other work within the TREW Creator Series:

Also, be sure to follow Erica on Instagram for all of the latest + check out her site for more of her work!

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  • par Christopher Justin Moye le

    I love the look of these shots. It’s almost as if Erica was “painting” with the light.

    Note: the links to chapter 1 & 2 are expired.

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