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Outside Online Loves the TREW Pocket T

By Shay Huskey on

From Outside Online

Dinner at a nice restaurant? Trew Merino Pocket T. Mountain bike ride? Trew Merino Pocket T. Three-day trip to Baja? This is the only shirt I'll bring. This is the T-shirt I've worn most often in 2016. And which I've washed the least. 

Despite being worn near constantly, and only getting washed every other week or so, this T-shirt doesn't smell, isn't full of holes, and isn't at all stretched out. That's thanks to the 125-weight NuYarn merino wool fabric, which is stretchy, strong, and fast drying. Like normal, ring-spun merino fabrics, it resists odor and wicks incredibly well, working to keep you dry and comfortable in all weather. But unlike my normal merino T-shirts, this one hasn't fallen apart, despite my neglectful habit of throwing it in the washer and dryer with my normal, cotton clothes. All my other merino apparel is full of holes. Six months in, this Trew still looks brand new. 

Trew cuts the Pocket T to flatter slim, athletic builds. It fits, but it's not skin-tight. It wears like a stylish casual T-shirt, not a bike jersey. The little square of material on the left chest that gives the T its name is made from an offcut of the brand's ultralight soft-shell material. It's a neat touch that highlights the shirt's technical merit. 

The best part? At just $69, it's way cheaper than most of the competition, too. 

- Wes Siler

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