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Cruiser Season is Here!

What better way to welcome the sun than with one of these hella rad bike-friendly six-pack and four-pack can holders made from recycled TREW outerwear by our girl Nicole of Whitebark Gear.

If you don’t know Nicole, she is located in Bozeman, MT, knows her way around a sewing machine, and is a BIG bike fanatic. Learn more about Nicole and the biggest Afterlife Drop yet! 

Cruiser Collection....4-Packs and 6-Packs NOW LIVE!!


Meet Nicole....

What is your biking tagline?!

“Can we stop real quick to look at those flowers?”

Road, Gravel, or Dirt?  

All three! And maybe all in one ride?! I like variety and my mountain bike is a lightweight hardtail so I can do everything from single-track to short road rides on it.

Favorite Bozeman Haunts to Take Your Bike Can Holders?  

My personal favorite is a cruise up Peet’s Hill for sunset, enjoying some beverages up there, and taking in the views. And you usually run into a friend or two along the way!

Most Epic Bike Adventure?

Last summer I bike packed a route called the “Wydaho 100” which clocked in at just over 110 miles in 2 days. The route loops the valley west of the Tetons with spectacular views, steep climbs on forest service roads, muddy farm roads, and smooth fast pavement. The hot weather, loaded bike, and long days definitely kicked my butt so it was a bit of a suffer fest but also so incredible and I’m already wanting to give it another go this summer!




Shop Nicole's one-of-a-kind Bike Can Holders in the 4-Pack and 6-Pack Size, NOW LIVE!

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