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Set yourself apart from the camp crowd with the SUMMER CAMP SET, made from up-cycled fabric and reclaimed wood

Kelli Van Noppen is the owner/woodworker behind Missoula-based Valley House. She is also a ripping skier, and a long-time customer of TREW! Kelli left her 9-5 behind in 2022 to pursue sewing and creating full time and hasn’t looked back since. You are sure to see why when you set eyes on her beautiful photography, thoughtful craftsmanship, and soulful designs. We are VERY excited to share Kelli's first collection for The TREW Afterlife....


Anyone can throw together a minimal camp set full of plastic utensils and a spork. Set yourself apart with one made from up-cycled fabric and scrap wood. Keep it in the truck for quick car camps or in your frame bag for your next bike overnight. Camp sets are made for two campers. Walnut utensils are handmade by Kelli from furniture off-cuts. Bags are made from recycled TREW outerwear. Bags include one external zipper pocket on the front panel and one open interior pocket on the back panel. Each camp set includes: 2 pairs of chopsticks, 1 spreader, 1 stirrer, 1 pot pick, 1 zip pouch! 


Meet Kelli....

Tell Us About Yourself!

I am based in Missoula, and tried many things before realizing that making with my hands was what I wanted to do! Outside of my work, skiing is my first love and I grew up in the Cascades spending seasons at Crystal and Bachelor. I also keep busy with gravel riding, spending time in the wood shop, knitting, baking, or walking the rows in our hoop house. We have a rotating menagerie of animals here who keep us busy too.


What's In Your Headphones Right Now?  

I listen to a lot of La Luz in the shop. I also have a soft spot for the Dead for really long sanding sessions.

Most Fun Part About Working With Recycled Gear?  

I love working with stuff that otherwise would be thrown out. The environmental part is obvious, but I also like seeing how color ways start crossing over and trying to figure out how to maximize the material to make the product do its intended job. There is a lot of problem solving in the process. It feels similar to figuring out things for the first time in the shop. Most of the wood I use in the carving side of the business are off-cuts from my friend who works for a furniture maker here in town, so using recycled material is right in line with what I love to do.

Preferred Mode of Mountain Travel?  

Skis. As long as my knees and/or the climate allows.

Best Day on Snow, Go!  

My dad, husband and I went to Alta years ago and woke up to two feet of new snow. We got off the lift, three skiers from the Cascades, ready to fight our way down all the snow and instead we just floated. It was the craziest sensation I have ever experienced on skis!  



Shop Kelli's one-of-a-kind SUMMER CAMP SETS, Now Live!!



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