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Fanny's are here!

Which one do you like best? It's a toss up for us!


We've been smitten with Anna Amidon, the founder of Boneshaker Bags ever since spotting her custom bike bags at the farmers market in White Salmon, WA a couple of years ago. From her fun branding, awesome tag line "Silly Business: for the ones who don't take biking too seriously", and general down-to-earth personality we knew Anna would be a blast to share the skin track, the single track, or to do some fun collaborating with, and boy were we right! 


Anna has created twelve one-of-a-kind Fanny Packs for the TREW Afterlife Shop out of old TREW threads. The newest Boneshaker Fanny's Collection........NOW LIVE!





If you're ever riding Porcupine Rim Trail in Moab look out for a mega stoked rider in a dino costume :) It just might be Anna


Shop Boneshaker's one-of-a-kind Fanny Packs made by Anna out of old TREW Gear that just got a new lease on life! 


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