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Why Freshwater?

Why Freshwater?

At TREW, we know that the health of our business relies upon the health of the environment our customers thrive in, live for, and enjoy. Enough snow on the mountain. Clean water in rivers. Unadulterated backcountry landscapes. We understand that without the outdoors, stylish, technical gear doesn’t matter.

We’re proud to have teamed up with one organization doing big things to protect water resources that fuel our every adventure here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Freshwater Trust is a group of bold problem solvers designing and implementing data driven solutions that protect and restore rivers. Using science, technology, policy and finance, The Freshwater Trust builds and manages solutions that improve both water quality and quantity. And given the current state of water in America, their work is more important now than ever.

Right now, more than 2.3 billion people worldwide live in river basins that are under stress, and more than half the rivers and streams in America are unhealthy and not functioning as they should. As consequence, outdoor experiences, wildlife, communities, products and economies are at risk.

The Freshwater Trust, based not far from our Portland office, is not only improving the local resources here on the West Coast; they’re fundamentally changing how conservation works. By bringing data and new technologies into the environmental field, they can ensure more waterways are fixed and faster.   

The TREW and TFT teams worked together to design a t-shirt that’s being sold right now on our website for $25. Proceeds go back to helping them do the incredible work they do to protect and restore a resource that unites us all, regardless of age, race, religion or of course, sport.

We were also fortunate enough to support them in the creation of the following video, which beautifully depicts that freshwater fuels every adventure.

Enjoy, and please consider supporting this local nonprofit.

For more information about The Freshwater Trust, visit


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December 1 2016

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