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TRUCE Bags are resilient, fashionable, and environmentally responsible bags crafted and designed in Portland, OR.

The Back Story

Luke Mathers, the visionary behind Truce, learned to sew industrial-grade fabrics while repairing sails and making boat covers at North Sails Oregon.  He discovered the loft’s scrap bin, his first source of materials for crafting bags and accessories for his friends and family. Luke’s belief in environmentally responsible design and manufacturing led him to create Truce, a small collection of high-performance bags crafted from reclaimed materials. 

We first started working with Luke around 2013, when Chris’s design studio shared a wall with Truce. We starting collaborating on a few projects, Luke began taking our warrantied garments and creating small bags and accessories. Over the years we’ve seen Luke’s collection evolve into some of the most beautiful, functional, and one of a kind products we’ve ever seen. 

Truce Collection

In the Truce collection, we’re creating something completely unique in the backpack world. Using Luke’s ingenuity in design and sourcing, we’re making bags with incredibly premium materials that wouldn’t be affordable or even available for traditional manufacturing. The final products are high-quality, technical products that are produced and sourced in an environmentally low-impact and responsible manner. 

The combination of reclaimed high-performance materials – like Dyneema®, Kevlar, Dacron and laminated nylons – and the design and craftsmanship of Luke’s small shop in Portland, OR make these bags unlike anything that you’ve seen and a gear aficionado’s absolute dream.



Lid designs protects the pack body from weather and offers a water-resistant zippered pocket towards the wearer’s back.


Exterior water-resistant zippered pocket


Seam-sealed interior liner.


Dee-Clip compression system designed by Cilogear makes it easier to attach larger items and compress your pack.


Old sailcloths and drysuit fabrics are common among the industrial-grade fabrics repurposed to construct Truce bags. Each textile has a history, a story to tell. Some spent years voyaging open waters, other fabrics are repurposed from the factory floor before it ever reaches a customer’s hands. Some of the most interesting fabrics we get our hands on are high-end textiles produced in small lots, that haven’t yet made their way to commercialization. 

All of the textiles we reclaim are inspected and cleaned before being put through our machines. One textile may be a resource for multiple bags, but as you can imagine no two bags are alike.  

Check back often, you never know what Luke might get his hands on next. 


Sailcloths are required to be stretch resistant, lightweight, have low puncturability, high tensile strength, and resistance to degradation from UV rays. Sailcloths can vary in composition and quality from woven Dacron to advanced laminated composites. 

Woven Dacron sailcloth, the most common sailcloth we get, is a durable, highly UV-resistant polyethylene (PET) fiber that is ideal for the harsh ocean environment.  Woven Dacron bags are not completely waterproof but have excellent durability and water resistance, making bags with great character and usability.

Laminated sailcloth is on the cutting edge of textile design and can have many different compositions; from a Dacron woven and Mylar film to Kevlar or Spectra reinforcements. Bags that we produce with laminated sailcloths have very high weather protection, durability, and puncture resistance.

Resilient, fashionable and
environmentally responsible

Made in Portland, OR, each bag is unique and crafted out of high-end, upcycled textiles. Truce bags will easily become your favorite vessel for your belongings and likely the most attractive bag in your collection.