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Chariot Bib


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Once you go bib, you never go back.

Your chariot awaits m’lady. Carpe that diem and roll into battle aboard the best women’s ski bib ever made. Storm days are no match for our PNW 3L fabric, keeping you warm and dry in even the wettest weather. But fear not, for sunny days and summer corn harvesting are among the Chariot Bib’s favorite ways to shred, all thanks to the well-placed ventilation and impressive breathability throughout. 

Step into these beauties and you’ll quickly discover that the Chariot Bibs were designed for women by women. Pockets in all the right places, a flattering fit for those mountain thighs, and a stealthy drop-seat for doing business in the backcountry. Come what may, you’re ready for anything.

Construction The Details
Chariot Bib
  • 3L PNW Fabric 20k/20k
  • Water-resistant zippers on all exposed openings
  • SuperFabric® cuffs and kick patches
  • Fully taped construction
  • Critical junctions reinforced

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Perfect - But Not For Skiers

      I love absolutely everything about my Trew bibs except for one major design flaw, they don't fit over ski boots. I bought brand new boots last year and these bibs to go with them only to discover the first day on the mountain that the pants are too narrow for ski boots. Because the pants don't have a side zipper at boot level there's no way to expand them. I had to wear them the first day because I was already at the mountain or else I would've returned them. I'm so disappointed because literally every other aspect of these bibs is fantastic. So here I am a year later shopping for bibs yet again and I'm still fuming about having wasted money these Trew bibs. Snowboarders will delight in these bibs but skiers should stay away. I'm 5'6", weigh 125lbs so am not oversized in any way. These bibs just aren't wide enough in the leg for ski boots.

      Jennifer, thanks so much for the product feedback. We appreciate the honest feedback, it keep us sharp with product development and helps us improve. We definitely designed these pants for skiing and snowboarding, and sell them to lots of skiers and snowboarders alike. Probably mostly to skiers. All boots are different, and we tried our best to accommodate the different sizes while achieving the fit and shape we were looking for. There was definitely enough feedback last season regarding the bottom opening of the pants fitting over certain ski boots. So we adjusted the design this season and increased the circumference of the bottom opening across all sizes. 
      So sad :(

      I waited to write this review because I really was hoping for more out of these bibs. I have researched a TON of bibs and was willing to pay the high price tag for these since they seemed to have everything I wanted: dropseat zipper, burly material, lots of pockets, etc. I ordered them in October when they were backordered, but the order was delayed THREE times and I didn't receive them until late January. When I finally received them, I was SO disappointed with the bluebird color. The photos online are nothing like the color in person - much more of a pastel Easter-egg color than what it shows in the photos. I tried to switch them out for black, but - of course - since I received the bibs so late in the season, they were out of stock everywhere. :( I decided to keep them anyways because they seemed to fit great (I got a small and I'm 5'7" and 120 lbs). I figured I could live with the color because I was so stoked about the features.
      However, after skiing in them for 2 months now, I'm once again disappointed. As others have said, the shoulder straps do not stay put, which is incredibly aggravating. I can feel them sliding off my arms inside my jacket after an hour or so every time. And the material that I thought would hold up to anything is not actually that great. They seem to soak up the water rather than repel it, and my butt is actually getting wet! Not to mention the super light color attracts dirt like none other. They looked filthy after just a few uses. Trew: if you're designing a bib that is meant to withstand both front and backcountry beatings, at the very least make your colors darker to hide some of the wear! I wish I could return them, but since I wanted to give these puppies a valid chance, that's no longer an option.

      Stacey, thanks for giving our Chariots a try. We apologize for selling out of the darker coolers very soon this season. Next season (2019) we've got many more options and inventory coming in! Stay tuned...

      A bib you can pee in, welcome to the future! The Chariot Bib is the perfect combination of utility and style. Every girl wants bibs, no girl wants to de-layer to go pee on the mountain. Thanks TREW for answering the call. Pockets in all the right places, breathable for the uptrack, resilient reinforcements where you need them and look awesome with the Stella jacket :)

      Aside from all that this pant is super functionable, looks awesome, comes in good colours and doesn't break the bank.

      I'm 5'7 and 120 lbs, and the Medium is perfect for a little baggier look, because we all want to look cool out there!

      Thanks Ginny!!
      so close!

      I've been eyeballing these bibs for so long! As soon as the butt zip came around I knew it was time to make the move but so far I've been mostly frustrated with these bibs.

      The straps will not stay put and are constantly sliding down so after one run these things are about to fall off. The only fix I've found is to safety pin the strap to the plastic buckle and I'm not opposed to safety pins on well-loved, well-used gear but for brand new, spendy bibs I feel like this is effin nuts.

      The wonderful butt zip seam ripped at one end the third day I was out and about and it's not like I was cranking on it, just unzipped and the seam popped right out. Snow gets trapped under the butt zip cover and inevitably melts and you end up with a wet bum. Which brings me to the point of waterproofing- you stay mostly dry in these things but the material seems to get soaked by just sitting on the chairlift! The amount of water that gets absorbed might not seep through just yet but it feels like it's going to happen any day now.

      These bibs fit just like they should, I'm 5'5" 135 in a medium and I've got no complaints about how they rest on the body. Just bummed about the little things that you'd hope would be tightened up on a pair of $420 bibs.

      Jane, thanks for the feedback! Please email us at We can help repair or replace these bibs for you. They are definitely not performing to our intended standards.
      In love

      I’m so in love with these bibs and Trew for making them! I’ve never been able to find bibs that I love the fit of until now. I’m 5’8”, 125lbs and always had a hard time finding bibs that were long enough and not too baggy. I got the medium in these and they are the perfect length on me while still being flattering everywhere else. I have plenty of room to move around and layer underneath without them being overly baggy. I will be living in these on the mountain but wish I could live in them all day every day!!