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Chariot Bib


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Once you go bib, you never go back.

Your chariot awaits m’lady. Carpe that diem and roll into battle aboard the best women’s ski bib ever made. Storm days are no match for our PNW 3L fabric, keeping you warm and dry in even the wettest weather. But fear not, for sunny days and summer corn harvesting are among the Chariot Bib’s favorite ways to shred, all thanks to the well-placed ventilation and impressive breathability throughout. 

Step into these beauties and you’ll quickly discover that the Chariot Bibs were designed for women by women. Pockets in all the right places, a flattering fit for those mountain thighs, and a stealthy drop-seat for doing business in the backcountry. Come what may, you’re ready for anything.

Construction The Details
Chariot Bib
  • 3L PNW Fabric 20k/20k
  • Water-resistant zippers on all exposed openings
  • SuperFabric® cuffs and kick patches
  • Fully taped construction
  • Critical junctions reinforced
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 89 reviews
      Awesome if you're tiny

      Trew sent me these as a warranty replacement for an older pair of Chariot bibs that had worn out, and their customer service was incredible. The whole process was very quick, and I was excited to have my new bibs. Sadly for me, the sizing has changed with this newer model. I got a size XL and they're still uncomfortably tight in the thighs, to the point of having my movement constricted. The chest and butt area are extremely roomy and the length is perfect for my tall frame, but the thighs are so tight that I can't move my legs freely when skinning and hiking. For reference, I am 5'11" and 165 lbs, and typically wear a size 8-10. Like pretty much all the skier women I know, I have pretty muscular thighs, so its disappointing that the largest size they carry is too small for me, since I'm honestly pretty average sized. Other than the sizing, I love these bibs, to the point that I wore my older pair to death. Hopefully Trew will go back to more REALISTIC sizing with their newer models.

      Great bibs!

      This is my first time having bibs, and I'm sold! I really enjoy all of the pockets, and I enjoy the ease of being able to go pee (let's be honest, that's a big game changer when you just have to do a quick unzip). I don't find the legs restrictive or tight... Now, they are snug, but a snug in which I usually have all of my pants. For reference, I'm 5'6", 130lbs and a runner, so my thighs are athletic. I ski with two young kids, so I need to be mobile- I have other people to snap into skis, snacks to grab, goggles to adjust, etc. These bibs are the way to go for both my mom role and athletic skier role!

      Love these bibs!!!

      I just made the switch from regular pants to bibs and I chose these because of the super convenient full-access rear zip. Bathroom ease in the backcountry (and at the resort) is a must, because when you gotta go, you gotta go. The fit is perfect. I was initially nervous bibs would be too baggy since I have a shorter torso but it fits just right! 5'5" and I got the womens small. The pockets are well-placed and deep enough to hold snacks and phones without making you look bulky. The leg opening is juuuust large enough to fit over snowboard boot Boa lacing. Not a bad thing, it just takes a little bit of work and some breaking in.

      Too tight in the thighs

      I want to love these bibs, I really do.
      The style, color, material function, the BUTT ZIP, everything about these bibs are supreme.
      The biggest issue for me was the sizing :(
      I am a 5'9'' 150lb athletic build with musuclar legs and just could not find a comfortable fit either the Medium or the Large size.
      I am usually a medium in almost all my tech pieces, however the medium bibs were SO tight in the legs. There is NO stretch in the bibs.
      I exchanged for the Large thinking that it would be more comfortable, but the only thing that widened were the hips and the butt area :( the legs were still too tight even in a large size.
      Customer service was PHENOMENAL throughout the entire exchange/return process and the bibs got to me quick!
      Unfortunately my dream of owning Trew Bibs will have to be put to rest and I will have to go with a different brand.

      Just fine!

      I get so many compliments on these bibs. They feel really warm and have vents in all the right places. However, the fit is very strange. I'm 5'2" and 115lbs. I normally order an XS but based on the size chart, I got a small. I may have had better luck with an XS... but here's why the fit is strange: I'm fairly short and the bibs are still pretty "wedgifying" with the straps as long as they go. So don't know how these would fit a taller person. The thighs are too tight so you can't really put anything in the amazing pockets. And the butt is huge! But I'll take an unflattering fit any day if it meant I had that super amazing drop seat! It was cumbersome at first but after zipping it a few times over and over, it's a lifesaver! Overall though, these bibs are functional and quality-made, which is really all you need!