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The TREW x Gone Boarding Collection


For those unfamiliar with Gone Boarding - which may be most folks given that Gone Boarding is still a relatively small program spanning 24 schools - allow us to be the ones to introduce you to this awesome program: 

With a mission to take project-based learning to the next level in a way that engages students to be the driving force to take charge of their future, Gone Boarding students collaborate to design, construct, and learn to ride all types of boards including: surfboards, snowboards, skateboards/longboards, stand-up paddle boards, and wake surfboards.

A dream team: TREW x Gone Boarding 

Back in November of 2022, we joined forces with Gone Boarding for the very first time with the goal of creating an original graphic that would get people everywhere stoked on winter and enjoying the outdoors.

Pairs of students presented over 30 unique submissions, showcasing an incredible variety of artwork, approaches, and ways of making the brief their own. With so many favorites amongst the designs submitted, choosing just one was really tough - but after much internal deliberation, the TREW Yeti's design from students Maddy and Ella was determined to be the perfect mix of fun, stoke, and engaging graphic work. 

The initial TREW Yeti's sketches + design by Maddy and Ella

Not only did we feel like this was a killer design for a school project, but we wanted to make this design come to life for our customers and community at large. We are beyond honored to launch our first TREW x Gone Boarding product collection featuring the TREW Yeti design. 

Products with purpose

All proceeds from product sales being split evenly between the both the designers and the Gone Boarding Scholarship fund.


Both the t-shirt and the hoodie from this collection will be made-to order, and orders will be open for the public between May 9-23. We expect to have all orders made + in the mail by the end of June. *Due to this, all orders will be final sale and will not be able to be returned or exchanged. Orders can be cancelled or edited before end of day 5/24, but after that orders will not be able to be cancelled or changed. 



For each t-shirt or hoodie purchased from this collection, customers will also receive 1x entry into our Gone Boarding giveaway, where one lucky winner will ride away with a custom TREW x Gone Boarding longboard featuring the Yeti design and made by the Gone Boarding class. 

The custom longboard, featuring the TREW Yeti's design on the deck. 

An interview with the designers, Maddy (18) + Ella (17)

TREW: Can you tell us about your connection to the outdoors and outdoor sports? And how did this influence your design process for this project?

Ella: I'm a ski racer and I spend a lot of time being outside, hiking, swimming, and going to the beach.

Maddy: I started skiing super young and began to snowboard. After I learned how to snowboard I really saw the differences between the two sports. Even though I always did skiing and snowboarding as a hobby, I can say something great about both of them in their own unique way. With this background, I loved the idea of incorporating two different yetis, one with snowboard and one with skis, symbolizing the difference and connection to the different winter sports. I love how they coexist as friends just how I have always had friends that either ski or snowboard. 

TREW: How did your graphic come to be? How did you approach the project and what was your inspiration?

Maddy: I loved the idea of the yeti, and I was very excited about portraying the ski and snowboarder in my design. TREW is one of the only companies on the market that is advertised to both ski and snowboarders and we wanted to incorporate that. Making sure to include the 'stay TREW' mentality with thumbs up and bibs, I loved creating my own design and portraying what is important to the company.

TREW: Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

Maddy: When I was designing the logo I wanted to incorporate everything we believed embraced the TREW mentality. At first when the idea of snow monsters were brought up I knew that I wanted to do that. Yetis were the first thing that came in mind and following that characterizing them individually came later. And finally adding on the signature TREW things such as the thumbs up, bibs and both winter sports.

Ella: We wanted to use as many colors as we could to make a vivid design. We also wanted to incorporate the company's signature bibs and we pulled a lot of inspiration from the website.

TREW: What do you hope that consumers will take away from your design?

Maddy: I love the idea of these characters going and skiing and snowboarding with your consumers. I love art and always have and knowing that my design has been brought to life and is all over is what I am most thrilled about. Overall this design is supposed to happy, fun and inviting for all ages to enjoy.


An interview with Gone Boarding co-founder, Bill Curtis

TREW: Hey Bill, thanks for taking the time to chat. Could you give us an overview of what the Gone Boarding Program is? 

Bill: Gone Boarding allows students the opportunity to learn how to design and build all types of boards (snow, skate, surf, wake, SUP) and in some schools we even take them out and teach them how to ride!

As we prepare students to thrive in the 21st century, we need to challenge them with complex problems. Every board created is unique and will provide unique learning opportunities. Gone Boarding seeks to allow students a safe and super fun entry into the world of product design. Students will take part in the design process from start to finish and ultimately create a product they can use for the rest of their lives!

TREW: What does the average day look like for a student taking a Gone Boarding class?

Bill: There is never a dull moment in a Gone Boarding classroom. No two days are alike and we seek to empower students to be active participants in their learning. There is a great deal of flexibility within the curriculum that allows both the instructor and the students to be proactive with their learning outcomes.  Allowing students equal voice will engage students in a way educators often never attain. Students may be building boards, creating graphic designs, crafting a presentation to one of our partners in the action sports industry, or out on the slopes or in the water catching waves.

TREW: Can you talk about any future plans or developments for "Gone Boarding" and how the program will continue to evolve?

Bill: First and foremost, we LISTEN to our students. We believe that they hold the keys to future success as we move forward. We are currently in 24 schools across the country and are adding more every year. We want to impact more students and teachers across the country with Gone Boarding! Please reach out to us if you are interested in bringing GB to your school.

TREW: How can schools or organizations get involved with "Gone Boarding" and bring the program to their community? 

Bill: Our website is a great place to start:

Interested teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, or students can reach out to founder Bill Curtis via email at

TREW: Anything else you want to share while we have you?

Bill: This journey has been so rad! Being able to see firsthand the transformative impact Gone Boarding has had on so many students, teachers, schools, and even communities has been very rewarding. I also personally get the opportunity to work with an amazing team of educators in Scott Kemperman, Rhonda Leese, and Adam Zavislak. This team has taken the program to the next level at Forest Hills Northern High School in Grand Rapids, MI

We have been able to partner with some of the most influential people and brands in the action sports industry. I have connected with some of the best people on the planet! Surround yourself with great people and it makes you look much cooler!!! Lol!!! This could literally be the motto of my career!!!