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We believe that the outdoors is a place for fun, laughter and friends. If you approach the outdoors with a smile and love to celebrate the good times, we make products for you. Our model is to sell products directly to you. Doing so allows us the freedom to create the absolute best products at prices traditional companies can't match.

Get More For Less.

The TREW advantage
more bang for your buck

You're going straight to the source here, people. No middlemen means no mark-up. More cha-ching for your bling.

a better way to build products

The advantages to selling direct begin with the product creation. We have more room to invest in materials and technology, and more freedom to explore the needs of our customers.

Three awesome things

Our favorite advantages to the direct sales model

No Compromises

In the traditional retail model, $1 of raw material cost translates into $4 at the retail price level. This forces companies to make sacrifices on raw materials, trims, and other components. By selling direct to you and eliminating the downward pressure on product costs, we can invest more in our product and bring to market technologies and materials that were simply too expensive in the traditional retail model.

Speed to Market

The traditional retail calendar is prohibitively slow. Trade shows and particular delivery windows to stores result in a minimum product development and delivery cycle of 24 months. By not being tied to industry calendar, we can reduce our product development cycle to less than one year and debut new technologies and products as soon as they are ready.


By selling direct, we get to have direct communication with our customers. And you get to have direct communication with us. We think it’s important that you know who’s designing and building your product and we’ll more easily be able to show you all that’s happening at TREW.