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Fit & Product Guide




Fit + Product Guide

We offer a range of outerwear products here at TREW, and each item brings its own set of functional features to the table and its own unique story to share. We truly believe that you can go anywhere and do anything in just about any of our gear, but there are key differences in materials, fit, and style across our product line that can make one item a better match for you and your adventures than another. 

Our goal is to provide you with the best outerwear possible, and that can mean very different things from one customer to the next. So before making the plunge into a purchase, we highly encourage our customers to take a moment to read up on our products and find out what jacket or bib is right for you:

Choosing the right jacket for you - Men'sWomen's

Choosing the right bib for you - Men'sWomen's 

Sizing Guide

Now let's talk about sizing. You've done your research, have read the reviews, and have a pretty good idea on what TREW product(s) you want to purchase....but what size should you get? We could easily just copy and paste our sizing guides here for you and leave it at that, but before we do that we would love to take a moment to address the subjectiveness of sizing. 

First and foremost: we TREWly believe that very body is unique and beautiful, and there is no right or wrong way to be or look. In line with this sentiment, everyone has their own personal style and subsequent preference about how they want their gear to fit: some like a more figure-flattering fit, while others go for a baggier look. But even within this spectrum, people's definitions of what tight or baggy might mean can vary widely - one persons 'baggy' might be another persons 'form-fitting', and so on. 

To help you go about finding your right size, we have created a couple of helpful resources:

Size Charts

Our Size Charts for each of our products will be most informative and helpful in ensuring that you find the right size for you, but keep in mind that if you do have a unique preference on style and fit you may find yourself needing to size up or down from your suggested size. 

Size Matrices

If you don't know your dimensions and don't have access to a measuring tape, then check out our Size Matrices. While slightly less accurate than our Size Charts, you can find your suggested size (or sizes) by simply knowing your height and weight. Our Size Matrices are based on a large collection of customer data, and show the preferred sizes that existing customers have fallen in love with. 

As mentioned above, our Size Matrices are not 100% accurate and we cannot guarantee that the size suggested for your height and weight will fit. After all, two people with the same height and weight can have VERY different body shapes and types - so if at all possible, find a measuring tape and use our Size Charts for a more accurate fit.

If you can, try it on first!

When at all possible, we always suggest trying items on - either by visiting our PDX Storefront or by finding TREW Gear at your local evo shop. But we know that this isn't a possibility for many, and so we have put a lot of effort and time into providing easy-to-use, simple, and accurate sizing guides for you. 

If it doesn't fit, exchange it for free!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team and we can get you fitted and sized. Just email to get started!

Where to find sizing guides on product pages

Each individual product page will feature a sizing guide ----  (have photos showing where customers can find it on every page). And new for 2020 gear, we will also be adding product videos on each individual page to give you an even better idea of what to expect when you purchase your TREW Gear. 


A full list of product sizing guides and resources here - include sizing matrices, tables, and anything else, with links back to respective product pages. 



Easy returns, free exchanges!

If you end up with the wrong product or size, don't fret. Because even after the most exhaustive research, we know that sometimes something just doesn't work out once you open your package. That's why exchanges are free and returns are easy! 


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