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Chariot Bib


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Once you go bib, you never go back.

Your chariot awaits m’lady. Carpe that diem and roll into battle aboard the best women’s ski bib ever made. Storm days are no match for our PNW 3L fabric, keeping you warm and dry in even the wettest weather. But fear not, for sunny days and summer corn harvesting are among the Chariot Bib’s favorite ways to shred, all thanks to the well-placed ventilation and impressive breathability throughout. 

Step into these beauties and you’ll quickly discover that the Chariot Bibs were designed for women by women. Pockets in all the right places, a flattering fit for those mountain thighs, and a stealthy drop-seat for doing business in the backcountry. Come what may, you’re ready for anything.

Construction The Details
Chariot Bib
  • 3L PNW Fabric 20k/20k
  • Water-resistant zippers on all exposed openings
  • SuperFabric® cuffs and kick patches
  • Fully taped construction
  • Critical junctions reinforced
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 77 reviews
      Handled 128" of new snow like a champ

      I really loved my old bibs, but wanted to make a switch because I didn't agree with the brand's ethics. I ski about 60-70 days a year and live in the Wasatch. These bibs fucking rock. I took them out for their first tour during a storm cycle dropped 4 feet in 7 days and they handled everything (wind and lots of new snow) well. No snow sneaks into the bibs, the powder guards fit perfectly over my boots and stay put, the taped seams keep my phone dry and happy (I always ski with my phone in my thigh pocket), and I feel completely covered from the elements. I've taken them out on warmer days and they vent really well. I've also ridden resort in them. There isn't much these bibs aren't good for-- I even trust them for bush-whacky days. They are built to be in it for the long haul. I know some women have mentioned sizing issues, but a small fits me perfectly. They aren't too short in the torso (no crotch wedgies) and the thighs aren't too snug (kick turns on steeps are still comfortable), but they are slim enough to be flattering and keep me from looking like a Gore-Tex blob. I love the shape. For reference: I am 5'8", 135 pounds, and have a slim but toned (I have muscles) build.

      Not a good fit for pear shaped ladies

      I really really wanted to love these. The quality/design is so much better than any other brand I've seen, but unfortunately, the fit was all wrong. I ordered my usual medium and these bibs were too tight in the thighs and huge in the waist/pelvic area. I have a small waist and bigger thighs, so this is an issue I have in other bibs, but this was to an extreme!
      (On the size chart, my waist falls under a small and my hips under a medium).

      The pockets are also really inconvenient and not that useful (the men's version is much better with actual hip pockets) and the pant opening is a little small too.

      Really hoping Trew makes next year's bibs more suitable for athletic thighs! For reference, I am 5'8" and ~137 lbs

      Not for everyone

      I am 5'9 and weigh 160 lbs. I normally wear a size 6 - 8 or medium/large in most brands. I have an athletic build and strong quads. I ski, snowboard, snowshoe, tour in the backcountry and play hard in the snow (snow angels, snowball fights, sledding - I'm in). I was so excited about these bibs! I love the colors and backdoor zipper. After reading reviews I ordered a large and the legs were waaaay too tight, it was like I was wearing skinny jeans. I tried to move around in them and felt restricted when I bent my legs to 90 degrees.

      I went to the Trew store in Portland and tried the XL, but the XL was made for women who need more room in their butt, stomach and chest. They looked ridiculous on me. Luckily, the store employee was super nice and helped me find something. I ended up buying the Men's Capow Bib in S. They fit really well and are built for touring and being active in the snow.

      Compared to the women's bib they are way more functional. The women's bib does not have side pockets, but has two cargo pockets on your quads (which for me was already ridiculously tight, so there was no way I would put anything in there), whereas the men's bib has side pockets. The men's bib also has an outer thigh zippers which I think are better for venting and can also be used to go to the bathroom because they have some good stretch.

      I love Trew and hope they keep working to create better women's gear.

      Love 'em

      Ive taken the Chariot Bibs out twice split boarding and am very happy with the purchase. I'm 5'7" and about 145#. I have a thick waist and wide rib cage but skinny thighs, butt and hips. The large fits me pretty well. With my body shape it has been hard to find the right pair of bibs. Ive tried 3 different companies including Trew's last year model to no avail. That being said I appreciate the drop seat a lot, the pockets have good placement, I was worrried about being too hot touring, and I might be in the spring, but unzipping the inner thigh vents a little was enough to not over heat on the soundtrack. So much more comfy than pants. Love 'em!

      Buy these bibs!! You will love them!

      I recently bought the Women's Chariot Bibs and I'm in love! These bibs make going to the bathroom, especially while touring, a women's dream! They are durable, sleek, and sexy. I have other bibs that zip up starting from the hip to ribs and they always come unzipped, these zip up the middle of the chest and I never have that issue anymore - yahoo! There's lots of ventilation and pockets, and I find them to be super warm during resort days too.

      Would 10/10 recommend. They are worth it!