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Chariot Bib


5 Colors
Dusk Blue
Pineapple Express


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Once you go bib, you never go back.

Your chariot awaits m’lady. Carpe that diem and roll into battle aboard the best women’s ski bib ever made. Storm days are no match for our PNW 3L fabric, keeping you warm and dry in even the wettest weather. But fear not, for sunny days and summer corn harvesting are among the Chariot Bib’s favorite ways to shred, all thanks to the well-placed ventilation and impressive breathability throughout. 

Step into these beauties and you’ll quickly discover that the Chariot Bibs were designed for women by women. Pockets in all the right places, a flattering fit for those mountain thighs, and a stealthy drop-seat for doing business in the backcountry. Come what may, you’re ready for anything.

Construction The Details
Chariot Bib
  • 3L PNW Fabric 20k/20k
  • Water-resistant zippers on all exposed openings
  • SuperFabric® cuffs and kick patches
  • Fully taped construction
  • Critical junctions reinforced
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 95 reviews
      if only......

      From what I read in previous reviews, most complained about the legs being too tight. I didn't not have this problem. For me the top half was too tight and had no stretch or give. The only other bib I have to compare it to is the Dakine Beretta bib. SO I guess whether or not you are top heavy or bottom heavy, size up! Sadly, I did have to return it because the next size was no longer available.

      Too tight

      I should have listened to the reviews...I am 5'10, 150lbs - tall and slender but still athletic. I generally don't think of myself as having "muscular" thighs, so I ignored these comments, but the M on me were way too tight in that area. There was no room to bend and move around. Also, everyone else is saying that they are too long, but on me there were just a little short. I am exchanging for the L so hopefully there is a little more room in the thighs, and a little extra length. But definitely beware of the thigh tightness issue!

      Nice features, but lost the functionality of previous versions!

      I was sooooo stoked to try the 19/20 Chariot Bibs after I heard they fixed a couple of problems with the first gen iteration with the new dropseat. I own the 17/18 version, and I love them so much. Unfortunately, it's like Trew took everything that was great about the 17/18 version (the fit! the freedom of motion! the pockets! the lighter materials!) and threw it out the window to make this new, rather nonfunctional bib (at least for the backcountry). These are marketed as do-anything, go-anywhere workhorse of a bib, but the thigh area is too tight now (not a problem with the old version), and I can't make proper kick turns in steeper terrain. Seriously, I was actually inhibited from bending my legs because of my bibs! Yeah, I could have sized up to a large, but then I would have been swimming in the rest of the bib. For reference, I'm 5'5", 140 lbs, athletic with a bit of a butt. I don't understand why Trew tightened the thigh area and lengthened the legs so much - I have inches of extra material around my boots. Then the material is less than ideal for touring. It doesn't breathe well, and it's very heavy and thick. Also, the pockets seem to have shrunk; I used to be able to fit my beacon in either one of the (amazing) chest pockets of the 17/18 bib. Now they're just too small and stiff.

      Because I'm not a completely negative person and am a very big Trew fan, the dropseat is so nice after you work the zipper a few times, the bibs do make your butt look amazing, and they come in beautiful colors! Plumly! Dusk Blue! Pineapple! I would have ordered them all, had the fit been what it used to be :( These will work best at the resort where mobility and breathability aren't the most important factors in your outerwear choice.

      Great fit, great features, durable and waterproof

      I updated from an older version of the chariot bibs. I love some of the updated features, like the clamshell relief zipper. I find that they fit great through the butt and legs but we’re right through the ribs. I typically wear a small pant but ended up sizing up to a medium so I could fit a vest or puffy jacket comfortably underneath the upper part of the bibs. Due to them being M, the legs are a bit long but nothing that isn’t manageable. I love that the pant legs are on the slimmer side, but still roomy. In both S and M, I was able to fit a pair of fleece pants underneath with plenty of room to still move around. I’m 5’4 125lbs for reference.

      Sizing not practical for average sized women

      I was so excited to receive these bibs after doing a lot of research and waiting for them to be in stock. I am 5'4" 140 pounds and the M was too tight around my waist and too long. I would go up a size to be able to layer underneath but the M was already too long on me, and I don't want to have to roll them up when I wear them. So, I will they will just have to be returned. I am really disappointed because bibs should not be so fitted, they should be practical for layering.

      Arianna, thank you so much for giving our Chariot Bib a shot this season and we're sorry to hear that they didn't work out. We are working hard heading into next season to offer more sizes and styles for women, so keep an eye out for big things on the horizon from TREW :)