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Men's Snow Jackets

Find the best men's snow jacket to fulfill your wildest backcountry dreams. Our range of technical shells has a little something for everyone. The Cosmic Jacket is the jacket of all trades and a master of transitioning from the resort to the backcountry and everything in-between. Keen on the durable, waterproof functionality of the Cosmic, but looking for a men's shell with a little extra style and storage? The Powfunk Jacket is the snow jacket for you. For all of you uphill animals, we designed the ultimate men's backcountry touring jacket with the Capow Jacket. Designed in collaboration with the alpine touring experts of British Columbia, the Capow Guides, the Capow Jacket is the lightest and stretchiest mens snow jacket in the lineup. 

There's something for long as everyone reading this is looking for a technical shell that is ready to go from peak to pow-town. You dig?

  • Half Jack
    $159.00 $99.00
  • Half Jack
    $159.00 $99.00

The best snow jackets for the best times. 

You know that feeling. Weightlessness. Speed. Balance. Our mens snow jackets are designed to get you there in style. 

One Jacket to do it all.

Have your pow cake and eat it too. 

Who says you can't get one shell that will do it all? All of our mens snow jackets are designed to go up, down, and around town. We use durable, lightweight materials that will feel at home at the home resort or in the front seat of a chopper. 

Corey Loves the Cosmic
Corey Seeman


The Cosmic Jacket is my go-to shell for sleddin' and shreddin'! It's simple, burly, and stylish. I loved having input with the TREW crew on the 2019 Cosmic design. The new colors are on-point, the style is real, and it's ready to rip! The Cosmic is simply the best do-it-all snow jacket you can buy.

Cosmic Jacket