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Shane is 5’11”, 175 lbs and is wearing size M
Shane is 5’11”, 175 lbs and is wearing size M
Shane is 5’11”, 175 lbs and is wearing size M

Capow Bib

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3 Colors
Tropical Teal

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Tour de force.

Designed in collaboration with CAPOW Guiding of Revelstoke, British Columbia

Looking to put some more glide back in your stride? The Capow Bib is the quintessential backcountry ski and splitboard bib for alpine touring aficionados. 

Giving the same attention to the breathability, abrasion resistance, and weight of the Capow Bib as we did the Capow Jacket, we placed stretch-woven fabric in the chest and back, lighter panels of PNW3L fabric in the body and thighs, and heavier, more durable fabric in the seat and lower legs. Then we focused on movement: PNW3L has stretch built in by design, but we wanted a slimmer silhouette with zero binding through the whole uphill and downhill range of motion, so we created an articulated pattern that feels as natural on the skin track as wearing your birthday suit. Finally, we turned to storage, and if you know us, you know that means we gave the Capow Bib plenty of pockets. Whether it’s because you’ve stuffed your jacket in your pack for the uphill and need a spot for your gloves and gogs, or you’re just hauling a metric ton of extra snacks, you’ll find space in these bibs in addition to a dedicated beacon pocket.

Construction The Details
Capow Bib
  • 20,000mm Waterproof/Breathable
  • Featuring Dermizax EV Membrane
  • Fully taped with laser cut and welded pockets
  • Designed in collaboration with CAPOW Guiding of Revelstoke, British Columbia
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with no-slip gripper
  • Secure, above-the-waist beacon pocket
  • Superfabric cuff guard and instep protection
  • 3/4 length side zip and top opening on wearer's right side
  • Half-length side zip on wearer's left side 
  • Center-front zipper for main opening with two-way sliders
  • RECCO® reflector
  • 29 oz. (Medium)
  • Slimmer, more streamlined fit with a longer inseams
  • Articulated and designed for superior range of movement 
  • For a comparison of all of our Bibs, see Choosing the Right Men's Bib for You
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 99 reviews
    Trew delivers again

    I purchased my first pair of Trewth bibs 6 years ago. Aside from a broken zipper they are still in good working order with a beautiful dirt-bag patina.
    I purchased Capow for a better fit and lighter weight for touring. Capow delivered on both. I'm 6' 180 and the medium is a good fit. A little short, but workable.

    Solid Gear, great fit

    I’m 5’-9” 180 lbs and picked up the medium. Fit is perfect and looks great too! I love the pocket locations.

    Good versatile bib

    This is a great bib, I'm a convert. I always found bibs to be a bit restrictive but I have not felt that way in these. The Capow bibs are very comfortable. They have a good amount of pockets where you want them and they have very good ventilation. The non-slip material on the underside of the suspenders keep the straps on your shoulders where they belong.
    There are a couple nitpicks I have about the capow bib. The strings attached to the pull tab of the zippers fall off very easily, I have already lost a number of them. My other nitpick is that the powder cuff for the boot is a little small and could be more elastic to stretch around my boot. Also the fly could go a little further down.
    Overall though I'm very pleased with the bib!

    Love the look and style of the Capow bib

    Love the styling and color of the Capow bib. All other bibs I've seen are rather drab and dull. Nothing that pops out like the Capow. I particularly like the more fitted look. However, I do have a few suggestions that hopefully will be improved upon with future versions:

    1. Please make the fly zipper come down further. It's a bit inconvenient to have to pull down and stretch the opening whenever I have to use the bathroom.

    2. Put a side mesh on the leg vents. I generally wear thermals under my bib and without a mesh covering when I open up the inner thigh vents, snow can sometimes come into the pants...whereas, if there was a vent, minor snow would be blocked.

    3. While I noted that I like the slim look of the bib, it would be helpful if the pants opening had a zipper side that can open it a bit wider to accommodate snowboarding boots. Right now it fits over my boots but it is admittedly a tight fit.

    Overall, these three suggestions are not deal breakers for me, but would like to see them improved upon in future versions.

    Capow! I'm happy with this bib

    I’m 6’3” tall and 175lb. I bought the Capow bibs in Large, which I think is the correct size for me overall. I have two days on them so far at Mt. Hood Meadows in conditions ranging from cold and snowy to warm spring bluebird. They performed quite well.

    I experienced much hand-wringing over sizing since my individual measurements cover literally the entire sizing range according to Trew: 43” chest=XXL (not as much of an issue since the bib doesn’t go up quite to the widest point on the chest), 34-35” waist=L, 38-39” seat=S (this is a relatively more critical area, 24” thigh=XS, 34” inseam=XL (another critical measurement). Given how weird my body is (apparently), it’s a wonder this bib pant fits me as well as it does. I have only minor quibbles. I might like the inseam to be about 1" longer, but it’s still pretty darn close to perfection. The pant seat started out slightly too tight when sitting on a chair lift or squatting down in a very aggressive downhill ski position with shoulders pushed forward. I let out a couple inches of slack on the shoulder straps and this seems to have alleviated the issue.

    I like the tailored fit of this bib. I was attracted to reviews saying the legs are longer and more narrow than many other products and that is true. However, the flared or bell bottom look is a bit more pronounced than I expected, even compared to photos I see online. I’d like to see a slightly more straight leg fit (less difference between leg and boot cuff diameter). The leg opening doesn’t need to be as large as it is to fit over any boot unless you want to have your buckles fully open and sticking out. Maybe this is just me.

    The fabric is quite waterproof and breathable. I like the subtle stretchiness and ergonomic fit that allows freedom of motion.

    I like the assortment of pockets, but it would be nice if the larger of the two chest pockets was slightly bigger. My iPhone 12 with silicone case just barely fits. The large square pockets on the front leg are good for holding gloves when you need to take them off for a minute, but I don’t like keeping stuff there while skiing downhill.