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Capow Bib



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Designed in collaboration with CAPOW Guiding of Revelstoke, British Columbia

Created and tested during a year-long development partnership with CAPOW! Guiding, the Capow Bib fulfills the need for a bib that can not only withstand the demands of backcountry guiding, but that also functions and performs at the highest level. Engineered for unrestricted movement and equipped with backcountry-specific details—like a dedicated transceiver pocket placed above the waist for added protection—the Capow Bib features our workhorse three-layer stretch laminate fabric and reinforced construction for long days spent skinning, route finding, powder lapping, and heli-loading.  

Construction The Details
Capow Bib


  • 20,000mm Waterproof/Breathable
  • Dermizax EV Laminate
  • Fully taped with laser cut and welded pockets
  • Designed in collaboration with CAPOW Guiding of Revelstoke, British Columbia
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with no-slip gripper
  • Secure, above-the-waist beacon pocket
  • Superfabric cuff guard and instep protection
  • 3/4 length side zip and top opening on wearer's right side
  • Half-length side zip on wearer's left side 
  • Center-front zipper for main opening 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perfect apart from two issues

I love these pants, they're a great upgrade from the Trewth that I had before. You guys fixed all the things that I wasn't so stoked on with the trewth!

That being said, there are a couple new issues I have now...

#1 THE FRONT ZIPPER!!! The zipper runs from the top of the bib all the way down to the crotch, which is great... but it makes getting my pp out to water the trees in the backcountry such a struggle! If only there was a second zipper at the bottom so I could open it up without having to open up my jacket in the cold.

#2 The Shoulder straps: The ones on the Trewth bib were perfect, yall shoulda just stuck with those puppies. Easy adjustment with the velcro, and no slippage. When I load the pants up they stretch as well, which is kinda annoying.

Looks like they've addressed the issues though for the next iteration as commented on another post below. I just wish I could have a pair of the upgraded ones. Live and learn I guess eh?

Super comfy bib with minor strap issues

These are by far the best fitting and comfortable all-day ski pants I've owned. The slight stretch and softness of the fabric is great, and for me at least the fit is spot on. I'm 5'6", 140lbs, slim build, and most other pants/bibs are just way too baggy, even for resort skiing - a small in the Capow bib is perfect. These don't get in the way of movement, but still fit a warm baselayer underneath. These things have kept me warm and dry from wet slushy conditions to -20C, and are not showing any real wear after a dozen or so days on the slopes. Zippers are great, chest pockets are smallish, but work just fine. Overall, super happy with these so far!

As the other reviews point out, the straps slip a lot unless you double them over (or pop a little hair clip below the buckle to hold the strap in place), but this is a pretty minor problem. I double the straps and don't find it too bulky, and it totally stops the slippage.

Solid feedback...update: straps for 2019/2020 are reinforced (like the TREWth Bib) and won't have the slipping issues like the older model.
Great except for the straps.

These bibs are almost perfect. I've used these now for over 30 days the past few months in all conditions, while touring, resort riding and cross country skiing. The beacon pocket is great and the cargo pockets are a perfect balance of having space without being too baggy. The fit is great as long as the shoulder straps are set properly.

The issue is the shoulder straps do not stay tight by default. You have to double them up in order to get them to stay tight, when this happens the strap fastener becomes too bulky and is uncomfortable unless you're wearing a thicker base layer. I have ordered a couple of triglide straps in an attempt to have the straps set up more like the Trewth bib. Hopefully this will work for warmer days when my base layer is thin. I will update if it does. For such a nice piece of gear it's a shame that this important functionality was missed and requires modification.

The only other item that would make this better would be a 2 way zipper in the front so that you wouldn't have to unzip your coat to take care of business.

So close, yet so far

TREW nearly got these bibs perfect on the first go-round but just to echo what others have said, the sizing is much more of a slim fit than their other bibs. I wear a large in the Trewth bibs which fit a bit loose on me, ideal actually as this leaves room to layer comfortably. A large in the Capow bibs was laughably too tight, particularly in the seat/crotch/upper thigh region. I sized up to an XL which fits well, albeit a tiny bit too long but not long enough to be an issue or even very noticeable. An XL is in Capow bibs fits even slightly snugger than my large Trewth bibs, just as a point of reference.

Also as others have said, the buckles on the suspenders simply don't work whatsoever. The suspenders come loose (they pull through the buckle because there is nothing to stop them pulling through) and fall off one's shoulders after five minutes of wear. I simply tied a knot in each strap at the appropriate length to prevent them sliding through the buckle, which worked fine and wasn't uncomfortable/obtrusive, but seems absurd to have to do with a pair of $450 bibs. I am perplexed as to how these bibs were field tested by Capow guides and this obvious design flaw was not ferreted out immediately. If they simply had velcro like the Trewth bibs this would not be an issue.

Finally, the fly zipper could really stand to be a double zipper. If you have to take a leak in the backcountry, because the zipper goes up to your sternum you have to either unzip your jacket or lift it up to your armpits in order to reach the zipper and unzip your fly. A second zipper would allow you to unzip from the bottom and leave your jacket on while relieving yourself. Not a huge issue but again, I am puzzled as to how the Capow guides who ostensibly field tested these bibs, did not notice this during their days in the backcountry. Particularly if it is cold/windy/storming, a second fly zipper would be a simple way to add a world of convenience to the bibs.

Other than that the bibs are g...

TJ, thanks for the review and the feedback! We appreciate it. You're spot on with your feedback and we've incorporated all of those point into the new (2019) model of the Capow. Shoulder straps are better fit to stay in place and we added a second zipper car on the bottom of the fly for easier access.
Funky Sizing

I've been using Trew Eagle pants for the last 5 seasons; awesome pants and bibs! Since those are getting pretty shredded I picked up a pair of Capows. I have a 34in waist and wear a medium in the Eagle and Trewth. I sized up to a large on these since I know these are closer cut than those others, but the large didn't fit me at all, like barely able to work. Trew was awesome and gave me a refund (no exchange was available since I got them on sale, which is a bummer.....). While talking with them, they confirmed that the sizing was a little different with these and that the size chart was based off the Trewth bibs. Just a heads up to size up.

Aaron, thanks for the review and feedback. Indeed, sizing up in the Capow bib is a good option for some customers. It is a more athletic fit.