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TREW Gear Sizing + Fit Guide: Women's Outerwear 2019/20

Being a small outerwear company primarily based online, we're here to provide you with as much information as possible to find the right fit. For those of you who are unable to visit our headquarters in Portland or any of the evo stores stocking our newest outerwear, this blog is for you! 

Women's 2019/20 Outerwear Lineup

We're into our sixth year of designing and manufacturing women's outerwear - boy, does time fly! And while the majority of products still sport the same names as the original 2013 debut line, it's the design details, materials, and construction behind each jacket and pair of bibs (or pants) that are ever-evolving, constantly improving to create some of the best women-specific technical shells on the market today. 

We might be a bit biased, but our Chariot Bib is a front-runner for best women's bib ever created. Paired with our Stella Jacket, you won't have any issues riding anywhere your heart desires - inbounds, off-piste, sidecountry, parking lots, backyards, wherever. Rain or shine, our women's line stands up to the elements and keeps you shredding that sweet, sweet gnar until your legs give out.

But none of this matters if the gear doesn't fit right.

And while we wish all outerwear could come straight from the pages of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, let's be realistic: every woman's body is beautifully unique, and to design and create snow gear that fits every single lady out there is a lofty goal. Nevertheless, we aim to please and have put considerable time into designing gear that suits the needs of most of our customers. The ladies of TREW are here to help guide you in finding the perfect snow kit for your size and shape. 

To kick things off, let's meet the 'models'. 

Meet Brittany (left) and Katherine (right). They make up half of the TREW work force, and will be doing a bit of posing throughout this fit guide. While they are both the same height and have similar inseams and waist measurements, their hips, weights, overall body types, and respective TREW sizes are very different. All in all, Britt and Katherine make for a great case study in how one jacket design and one pair of bibs can fit two diverse shapes. 


Brittany - TREW VP of Design, Snowboarder

Height 5'6" || Weight 120 lbs. || Waist 27.5" || Hips 36" || Inseam 32"

Typically wears a size 27/2-4 jean, XS/Small dress size. Has been affectionately called "chicken legs" by friends and would be considered slender.


Brittany wearing the Stella Jacket and Chariot Bibs in X-Small (above) and in Small (below).


Katherine - TREW Ops Manager, Skier

Height 5'6" || Weight 140lbs || Waist 28.5" || Hips 41" || Inseam 33"

Typically wears a 28/4-6 jean, and is a Medium in almost everything else. Considers herself to be pear-shaped, and athletic with some junk in the trunk.


Katherine wearing the Stella Jacket and Chariot Bib in Medium (above) and Large (below).


Yes, we do realize that there are infinitely more shapes and sizes out there and Brittany and Katherine only represent two body types. We are constantly garnering information and feedback from our ambassador and athlete team, as well as from our wonderful customer base, and will continue to update this blog with more and more info below....stay tuned!

Customer feedback + overall sizing tips

In addition to having some in-house fit testing (complete with twerking contest and shot-ski), we have been working hard to accumulate customer feedback this season - specifically around our women's bib fit and sizing. Some very apparent themes have been seen so far this season, which translate to the following tips when choosing your size:

  • Women's Jackets: fit true to size, and offers a fit that allows for layering. Our sizing guide takes into account the need for layering, so measure as shown and follow the guide to find your size. 
  • Women's Bibs and Pants: many women are finding that the bottoms fit true to size, with the following exception
    • Have wider hips and thicker legs like Katherine? You will likely need to size up! While Katherine can fit in a Medium, the legs and hips are a bit snug and can feel a bit restrictive when hiking and skiing; she wears a Large because of this.
    • Are you finding that the Chariot Bib fits, but is not flattering to your body type? Or maybe it's just not fitting at all? Try our Capow or TREWth Bibs! While these may be categorized under men's gear, they are more accurately unisex and many ladies who didn't like the fit of the Chariot found that either the TREWth or Capow Bib was the perfect gear for them.

Have a question or want to double check with us before making the plunge on a size? Email our team at and we can help you out! 

We also offer easy returns and exchanges, so if you order the wrong size it's no big deal to swap out. See our Returns + Exchanges page here for more info.


This is AWESOME! Thanks Ladies. Looking forward to rockin your bibs this season :)

By Ellen on December 10, 2019

I bought the Corel colored pants last year. I really love them and I bought the Stella jacket too. Olive green and teal. My pants got so trashed. But I was trying to wear girly colors , plus I love the color. I am a ski guide so I’am on and off snow cats and snowmobile’s. Probably a bad color🤣⛷💃💃❄️
I would love the bibbs but ther a bit much In price. Really like your gear. Thanks

By Olive on December 10, 2019

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