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Welcome to the team, Max!

By Michael Hibbs on

Hibbs met Max at the Mt Adams trailhead last week to grab some summer turns and spend time in the woods with our newest team member. 

Max Djenohan is an interesting dude, to say the least. A PNW native, calling Seattle his home, Max has completed two rounds of "Naked and Afraid" reality TV challenges in style, generally remaining calm and composed in wildly uncomfortable situations. Which makes sense when you see his snowboarding: ultra-stylish and hard-charging, Max can do it all. 

Max is just as smooth greasing a handrail or sending double backflips as he is leading a charge up a PNW volcano. With any TREW ambassador, we like to ask ourselves, "would we like to spend time with this individual in the backcountry?" When it comes to Max, that answer is a resounding, "HELL YES!" 

We're so stoked to welcome him to the team and we can't wait to burn some backcountry turns with him. Max has his own vision for the future of backcountry snowboarding and we're stoked to be along for the ride. 

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