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TRIP REPORT: Trew Crew At The Blanket Glacier Chalet

By Nate Duffy on

The Trew Crew gathered at The Blanket Glacier Chalet this year to talk new product, ski spring powder, and have an outrageously good time in the middle of nowhere. The latter including but not limited to: good beer, potato guns, a surprise heli bump, lots of peaking, and memories to last a lifetime.

This trip marks the first time that Trew has been able to physically connect with so many athletes at once in the same place, and to top that off we were being hosted by the legendary Caposse, headed up by Marty Schaffer of Canadian Powder Guiding AKA Capow! TREW and Marty began developing an outerwear collab back in 2017, and that collab has since be realized as the Capow Jacket and Capow Bib.
The weather was absolutely perfect on the heli ride into The Blanket, blue sky as far as the eye could see, then the glacier came into view, the tiny A-Frame chalet nestled at its skirt. The crew proceeded to unload our gear and we dove straight into some avy drills. Even though everyone on the trip was fairly experienced in the backcountry, it’s super important to at least check everyone’s equipment; making sure beacons have lots of battery, shovels are in good condition, and probes are functioning. We also ran through a rescue scenario as a group. Besides being a good team building exercise for your new touring buddies, this simulation can save valuable time in the event of a real rescue.

Day one was supposed to yield the most superb visibility of the whole week, so we piled back into the heli and buzzed straight to the top of Blanket Glacier, normally a 4+ hour tour elapsed into a handful of minutes.

After full days of travelling for almost everyone in the crew, we dropped into some insane turns that made us forget the long road to Revelstoke. it really April?

The Blanket Glacier Chalet is your picturesque cabin in the woods, affectionately nicknamed the “eh” frame, we owe Marty’s sister Hiedi for keeping our bellies full with amazing cuisine every single morning, day, and night.
Early morning routine at the chalet consists of a 7am breakfast, lunch packing, caffeine guzzling, and water wrangling straight from the source. It’s a team effort to move the full buckets from the stream back to the chalet, but we guarantee you’ve never tasted water like this because we sure hadn’t.


We hit the skin track amidst some variable weather, experienced some intense wind, but found fresh lines again, and eventually the sun poked back out as we wrapped up our day and headed back to the Chalet for apre and vitamin D
The next morning some weather had moved in and snow had started falling, half the crew stayed behind to take a much needed rest day, and the other half of us headed into the woods to see what we could find. Visibility started to vanish, but spirits and stoke was at an all time high, so we dug in and proceeded to send it Capow style!

Returning to the Eh Frame things got a little loose, the lights went out, disco ball turned on, and Kellyn unleashed her limbo skills and crushed all the competition



Alas all good things must come to an end, the freezing level moved up and light rain began to pepper the Chalet in the night. The Trew Crew hunkered down for some product R&D, feedback on sample testing, and color talk.
Around noon, cabin fever settling in, the crew bibbed up and headed into the backyard to hand shape a 3 turn banked slalom in the rain. The no-boards were brought out and chaos ensued as the first annual Trew Crew Wet Blanket Banked Slalom commenced.
We awoke to rays of sunshine filling the valley the next morning. Once everything was packed up and sorted for the heli ride back to Revelstoke we migrated to the back deck of the chalet to soak up one last view of the Blanket Glacier.


Friends of The Blanket 2019: Chris, Brittany, Hiedi, Marty, Luke, Justin "Jessie", Ginny, Kellyn, Timmy, Rafael, Corey, Nate, and our camera wizard A.Chad (he took every photo)


This trip celebrated unique individuals with like minds. We came from Portland, Colorado, Baker, Montana, Wyoming, even Revelstoke to partake in a celebration of culture that’s special to TREW, a trip where our thumbs were sore after a week well spent at The Blanket.

Special thanks to Marty and the Capow family for making this trip one for the books! You can book your trip with Capow HERE

Photos by Andrew Chad @a.chad

 PS: Here's Marty with that potato gun we mentioned. 

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