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The TREW Reading List: Books to Get You Outside During a Pandemic

By Katherine Donnelly on

We're officially losing our minds being stuck at home with no where to go. We have already watched every ski and snowboard movie we could find for free online and now we're turning to books for any sense of escape from our current lives in quarantine. No, these books won't actually get you 'outside' per se, but they should at least get your mind wandering through the mountains, waters, valleys, and beyond. If not, you're doing it wrong.

Given the world's current circumstances though, we thought this list of books would also be a great way to help out another local, independent business that is near and dear to our hearts. Powell's Books, a landmark here in Portland, is feeling the pain from having to close up shop and lay off the vast majority of their employees. In an effort to help out our neighbors, we have pulled all of the following titles from Powell's online store - so not only can you find your next great read, but you will be giving your business to a company that truly needs it right now. 

As you know, there are an incredible amount of books out there - many of which deserve to be on this list. But we've pulled a sampling of our favorite outdoor reads from Powell's quiver to share with you, categorized by what sort of tale it is. There are thousands more to choose from on Powell's site, with some functional picks that we're ordering right now - including The Knot Tying Bible and Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide - so take a gander at our list below, and then do some exploring of your own. We know you have the time...

Tales from the snow

Tales from the Last Frontier

Tales from high places

Tales from the water

Tales from the journey

Tales from the wild

Tales from athletic greats


*We do not have any affiliate links formed for these books and we do not get paid for any referral purchases. 


Let's keep this list growing!

Add you favorite outdoor/nature/adventure books in the comment section below, and if possible provide a link to purchase from a small business or independent book store.

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  • Austin on

    Minus 148: The First Winter Ascent of Mount McKinley

    Great read! I bought it on Abe books which sells used books, better than buying new.

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