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The Sunday Trewbune, October 20th 2019

By Ashley Davidson on

Women Rule, we knew that

We'll kick off this weekends Trewbune with some good ol fashioned lady rippage from our favorite ski area in the northern hemi: Mt. Baker. 

Last winter we saw these gals tear it up at the Mt. Baker Film Fest in Bellingham with their debut of "We Heard You Need Gloves" an inspirational edit by Mad Trees and co. Take a peek for yourself, you won't regret it.

The Mt. Baker Film Fest is November 1st this year, if you're going to be up north it's a great evening spent sharing stoke.

We Heard You Need Gloves from MAD TREES on Vimeo.

The future is bright

We believe sustainability starts with us all as individuals. Here's an epic article with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and his take on the sustainability myth. Read it here

Photo by Ian Allen

Snow is here to stay

Mt. Hood got a deep enough dusting for Timberline to fire up a couple of it's lower chairlifts today. We'll cheers to the start of a good base on Mt. Hood, we've been antsy to get out on the hill since August. Thank you Fall, goodbye, see you next Fall. Hellllo winter!

Old cars drive better

Photo by Brandon Haley

Hey, it's no secret. The marketing guy writing this blog drives a 1984 pickup truck and is extremely biased against modern accoutrements found excessively packed into every vehicle made after 1993. Thats personal but it's also a control thing, check out this write up on Gear Patrol about how beaters drive better in inclement weather like snow and ice! 

Nothing against new rides, driving a car with cruise control is like a serious treat. Needless to say, winter is coming and we want ya'll to drive safe! Here's another one on driving safely this winter and what you should brush up on before you put the hammer down when headed to the locale. 

This article from the crew at Overland Site is an extensive, deep dive into safe driving practices. Worth checking out if you're preparing for a serious drive. 

Retro has returned!

We are so proud and stoked on the return of the Retro kit! It's live online now and you can find it here! Limited quantities and it's here while it's here, we can't say for sure but you might have to wait another 10 years for the next retro drop;)

Shop it here

have an epic week and keep the snow-dancing up no matter the cost!



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