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The Sunday Trewbune, October 13th 2019

It's happening again. It's dark when you leave for work, the car has to warm up for 15 minutes, hot coffee is your friend again, and the tips of your nose and fingers are ready to jump off your body and run straight back to bed. Summer has faded away and here we are in the interim between fall and the bottomless winter ahead. 

We're here to remind you: you're going to make it! The pre season anticipation has us all fired up, so to ease your restlessness and inspire your winter expeditions we've compiled some Sunday stoke for you to ogle. 

Arapohoe Basin opened up on October 11th...

A-Basin fired up its chairs just hours after Keystone announced operations were to start on the following day, October 12th. Check out all the juicy snakey details here

Trew Ambassador Timmy Taussig in TSJ Vol 17.1

Timmy is our favorite snowboarder, no exaggeration. The lines he was riding with us at The Blanket Glacier Chalet this past April are burned into our retinas. We're stoked and beyond proud to see some photos of him in the latest issue of The Snowboard Journal 

Support local snowboard journalism at its finest and pick up Issue 17.1 for yourself. Subscribe to the year and get yourself a free TSJ hat, as real as powder news can get.

Don't snowboard? A-ok, hit The Ski Journal for all your 2 plank goodness

Here's some retro footage from some of Free Skiings founding fathers 

Back before mind blowing 4k was a thing and clips were still captured on grainy film. Nostalgia...CHECK. 

The Bolero Project from Howie Arnstad on Vimeo.

For the boarders out there... here's a little Craig Kelly action to get you hyped on turning and burning



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