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CLOSED: The TREW Gear #StayHomeShredit Video Contest

By Katherine Donnelly on

UPDATE 5/26/2020: The tally is in from our public voting round and we have our winner....congratulations, Alana Spears (@orangeosaurus) for taking home the grand prize with your Natelgogg video

Here are the final results:

    • 1st Place - "The Natelgogg", winning a TREW kit of choice (bibs and jacket) and a Pit Viper Prize Package
    • 2nd Place - "COVID can't stop this girl", winning a TREW Jacket of choice
    • 3rd Place - "Mysterious fungi", winning a $100 TREW gift card
    • 4th Place - "Preparing the next generation", winning a $50 TREW gift card
    • 5th Place - "Bob Ross wears TREW", winning an I'm Peaking hat

All five finalists will also be receiving a case of RISE CoffeeThe TREW Crew will be in touch with the winners as soon as possible to get these prizes en route asap.

A HUGE thank you to all of those who participated in our first ever video contest! Whether you sent in a video, voted, or helped to spread the word, we are forever grateful for having such a rad community and we cannot wait to spend time in the mountains with you soon :) 


We get it, life's a bit of a drag these days. But in hopes of spicing things up and keeping spirits high, the TREW Crew is challenging you to our #StayHomeShredit Video Contest!

Show us how you are keeping the Thumbs Up mentality alive, wherever you are. Tell us a story, make us laugh, create an animated short, do whatever your quarantine mind is telling you is right during these uncertain times... 

Have a camera phone? Perfect, you’re halfway there. Have a GoPro, action camera, or a full videography setup? Then you’re already ahead of the bunch. We're looking for 15-60 seconds of video gold, and creativity will be rewarded so try and think outside of the box on this one. 

Contest Eligibility:

  • To enter this contest you must be 13 or older. 13 to 17 year olds must have their parents permission to enter before doing so. 
  • It doesn't matter if you live in the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, or even Antarctica -- contest is open to all locations and nationalities.
  • Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun, no TREW Gear necessary! Although it doesn’t hurt to have a Thumbs Up or two on display in your edit…. ;)
  • Participants may submit multiple videos, but only one video per person can make it into the final public polling round. 

Contest Rules and Guidelines:

  • Social distancing best practices to be utilized throughout footage:
    • stay at home or in your neighborhood (if you have to drive somewhere, it’s not in your neighborhood)
    • at least 6 feet of separation between you and others (unless they live in your house with you)
    • be safe and smart about what you are doing - do not put yourself in harms way or take unnecessary risks at this time
  • Videos must be at least 15 seconds in length and no more than 60 seconds long. 
  • Music can be used, and we recommend sticking to Instagram guidelines on licensing to avoid issues. 
  • Outside help in filming and editing footage is welcome, just make sure to talk amongst your video teammates about who receives the prizes if you win!
  • You may use on-snow footage from the season (or past seasons), but it should tie back to stay-at-home/current quarantine conditions in some way - i.e. flashbacks, daydreaming, etc. - and should not be the main focal point of your edit.
  • Social media engagements will not influence judging, but may help your video get seen and boost the polling if you are a selected finalist.

Contest Submission Process:

Once you have your video(s) finished, you will need to submit it as outlined below:

  1. Email your video in .MP4 or .MOV format to
  2. Post your video to your Instagram account and make sure to tag @trewgear and  #stayhomeshredit

*If you would like to enter this contest but do not have an Instagram account, please email your entry directly to with a note that you are not active on Instagram.

Submissions will close on May 20, 2020 at 11:59PM PST. 

How will the contest be judged?

Three judges - Katherine, Chris, and Hibbs - will score every video submission on the following criteria: 50% creativity, 50% overall impression of video. Length of video will not be a deciding factor.

The top five video entries after judging will then be published online for public voting, and the winners will be chosen by the people!


  • 1st Place: TREW kit of choice (bibs and jacket), a Pit Viper Prize Package, and their full video will be posted to the @trewgear Instagram
  • 2nd Place: TREW Jacket of choice
  • 3rd Place: $100 TREW gift card
  • 4th Place: $50 TREW gift card
  • 5th Place: a TREW I’m Peaking hat

RISE Coffee will also be sending each of the five finalists a case of their delicious beverages!

*We will likely have more prizes being added to the mix as we approach the contest end, and as things change we will update you here on this landing page as well as on Instagram.

You have over three weeks to film, edit, and submit - so, what are you waiting for, get to it.

Here's a few in-house examples to get your brainwaves moving...

So yeah, (almost) anything goes here - let your creativity shine and show us what you got! 

If you have any questions, just email and he'll get you all sorted out.


TREW Gear #StayHomeShredit Contest Terms and Conditions:

All decisions by TREW Gear are final. TREW Gear reserves the right to make any changes to the format, rules, and submission requirements at anytime during the contest.

You affirm that you are either over 18 years of age, an emancipated minor or possess legal parental or guardian consent, and are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties set forth in these Terms of Service, and to abide by and comply with these Terms of Service. In any case, you affirm that you are over the age of 12. 

By submitting footage, you are authorizing TREW Gear to use and feature the complete edit on in perpetuity. The complete video will remain intact with full credit to the athlete and the filmer. In addition, the footage can be edited and used by TREW Gear for highlight reels and promotional materials related to this contest and future TREW Gear video contests. TREW Gear has the right to re-track the edit with different music if songs submitted are unlicensed. The athlete, production company, and/or filmer will maintain full rights and copyright to all footage submitted. TREW Gear will have no copyright or ownership of footage, just licensed rights as listed above.

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