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The little Jacket that could (literally do anything and go anywhere)

By Nate Duffy on

Our values and company ethos lay buried in the powdery snow drifts of the backcountry. At Trew we strive to curate the individuals progression to the backcountry or further, from the seasoned veteran to the newbie Trewcruit fresh out of Avy 1. 

While we work non stop throughout the year developing our outerwear (and it’s always snowing somewhere, right?) seasons eventually come to an end albeit as new ones begin. It’s at this crossroads that we offer outdoor coverage alternatives like The Pack Jack.

We stand behind the versatility of The Pack Jack enough to take back that last bit about seasons changing blah blah blah. This April we spent an epic week with Capow Guiding in the Monashee Mountains just outside of Revelstoke, BC where the Pack Jack was our go-to light touring layer! Check out the photos from that trip here

Off the skin track and into the deep powder we go! The Pack Jack literally packs itself into a fanny pack about the size of a small cat making it ideal for your backcountry pack on longer tours. Fast forward to Spring/Summer and this small cat-sized fanny pack can be smooshed into your pocket, glovebox, tote or whatever general carrying device you use in the off season. What’s that? It IS it’s own carrying device?! We’re based in Portland, Oregon where you can walk into the grocery store in 90 degree heat and leave 15 minutes later with a torrential downpour between you and your car. You’re gonna be glad that fanny is on your fanny when thunder and lightning come a knockin. Also, check out how FAST you can pack a Pack Jack HERE

It’s what we like to call “The Emergency Jacket” because in the case of one you’re gonna be glad you packed it. Or you might forget all together that you did because of its minimal design. Constructed out of a sturdy nylon ripstop The Pack Jack is windproof, breathable and water resistant making it a handy companion in the Pacific Northwest. 

Be you hiking, walking, touring or biking you’ll be hard pressed to find such a versatile piece of equipment. As an extra bonus The Pack Jack has an incredibly adventurous spirit and you’ll be surprised and awed at the places this not-so-little jacket will take you. 

Shop The Pack Jack!


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