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The Outdoor Biz Podcast

By Chris Pew on

TREW's co-founder and CEO Chris Pew chats with Rick Saez on his show, The Outdoor Biz Podcast. Rick's show explores the backgrounds and experiences of various outdoor industry professionals, and his conversation with Chris follows a path from liberal arts degree to Portland, Oregon based outdoor gear brand.

Are there similarities between design thinking and comparative literature? Everything starts with language, from customers communicating their needs to us communicating our designs with the factories. Even though you may not be studying core-spun merino wool textiles or waterproof/breathable technologies in college, learning to think creatively and focusing on effective communication can set anyone up for valuable career in apparel or the outdoor industry. 

Also find out what Chris' favorite business books are and how he manages to stay in shape while taking care of an infant at home (spoiler alert...he's not!). 

Thanks to Rick for a great conversation. Check out his show and other podcasts here.  Listen to our conversation below... 

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