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Behind the designs of the Limited Edition Powfish Collection

By Shay Huskey on

The limited edition Powfish Collection is inspired and designed by longtime TREW athlete Colter Hinchliffe. We were very excited to work with Colter on this collection due to his history and ability skiing deep pow with such fluidity, ease, comfort, and style. This deep pow collection is our experimental offering for the advancement of snow outerwear. The pinnacle of waterproof protection, insulation, pure comfort and soothing movement. Plain and simple, these threads are for deep diving pow turns.

Last winter with the copious amount of snow falling in Jackson Hole we had the idea to head that direction and shoot product videos. We called up Colter with the Powfish collection in mind and told him to meet us there for the week where we would product test, get feedback and talk shop about this new outerwear collection. 

With many years spent skiing in the mountains, Colter was very transparent and direct with what he wanted.

"I want a long, simple, clean jacket. Black preferably. Definitely a softer zipper and a flap to cover it rather than a stiff waterproof one. Light insulation in the chest as if I was wearing a vest would be epic. Big ass front pockets too. Make sure there's enough room for everything" - Colter

So, here's what we mocked-up.

Actions shots of Colter product testing first & second protos

Photos - Matt Power

 Once we finalized the function, style, fit, comfort, and technicality, it was time for production.


"I have loved all black for a while, proof from my collab with TREW and the Powfish Collection" - Colter


Introducing The Limited Edition Powfish Collection


The Powfish Logo Design

Rachel Pohl is not only an amazing athlete but she also shines and has the extraordinary ability to capture her many surroundings. As being part of the TREW family, It was a no-brainer to have her contribute to the artwork for the Powfish Collection. 

We sat down with Rach to discuss creative logo ideas but with little to no direction. We wanted her to be able to work freely and create something personal.  Here was her response - 

"The concept of a fishtail snowboard, skis, and jacket pairs seamlessly with the aesthetic of Japan and its legendary powder. Simplistic but thoughtful style and attention to detail are all ubiquitous to Japan, so the koi fish seemed a natural fit with this collection, one built with the deepest days in mind." - Rachel

First proto of the Powfish design


Second proto 

Final Powfish Artwork




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