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The Baker Content Harvest

By Nate Duffy on

This is the story of the Mt. Baker Content Harvest.

To best understand this story, one must first understand the definition of content. There are two definitions known to man, here they are:

Definition 1: 




To be in a state of peaceful happiness.

Definition 2: Content for the gram. AKA Photos, videos and all forms of image capturing. Content is a visual stimulant that 99.99% of all humans are now dependent on, just so happens we love making it.


Now rewind back to early Fall, Trew HQ is buzzing. We’re getting ready to release our new outerwear into the ether and lo and behold my phone starts ringing off the hook. Who’s calling? It’s Timmy Taussig, Trew team rider and token shredder boy of the north country. The convo went something like this:


Me: “Timmy Toeside, whats good baby?!”


Timmy: “I had this idea for a harvest, check it out”



Minutes later we had formulated...absolutely no plan, but we had a vision. Straight from the mind of Timmy Taussig came the seeds that blossomed into the first annual Mt. Baker Content Harvest, a multi day event where available Trew team riders would be able to meet up at Mt. Baker to rip and shred every last bit of pow. Bring cameras, bring alot of cameras, bring beer, bring alot of beer, and mostly bring the stoke, bring a $%&! ton of it.

Did we set a date? No. We 100% played this by ear and it somehow worked out perfectly. We jumped off the call with hearts full of hype and literally no idea when or how we were going to make the harvest happen.

Funny thing about harvests is that they happen annually. And before I knew it it’s February 8th and I was getting pinged from Ginny White AKA G FORCE of Canada. Bear in mind I’m fresh off a plane from Japow, I’m having Kirin Strong and Onsen withdrawals like crazy, I’m waking up in American 7/11’s with absolutely no idea how I got there, and G Force drops a text like this on me:

 Yes, at the time I had critically low battery and 58 unread messages, I know.


So now it’s on. The Trew Crew was preparing to harvest and there was no missing it. I was planning on a late March harvest, but according to the crew and the ever reliable doppler radar at there was a storm coming and things were about to get spicy up at Mt. Baker. The good kind of spicy, like the tangy zappy spicy, the kind that leaves your mouth watering for more, like eating a bag of hot cheetos, you can’t stop and before you know it the bag’s gone. 

But this Baker bag of proverbial hot powder cheetos just kept refilling itself…

The roster for the harvest was heady to say the least: We had Hood River local Hunter Knoll, recent LBS champ booking up the I-5, Shawna Paoli also an LBS champion and Glacier local, Ginny White (AKA G FORCE) ripping down from Canada with her planks, Tyler Sloan, also a Baker local (Code name: Sloan Wolf) Andrew Burns in the fat heelside turn department and also operating the filming camera doodad, Calvin Shillington burning angles for us, and of course Timmy Taussig, the Harvest mastermind. 

We needed another skier though, so I pulled my friend David out of his basement lair and as fast as we could we packed the rig up. Fortunately my bags were still packed from Japan because of sheer laziness and that really expedited the whole take off for Baker. 8 hours later we were in Bellingham and I still have no clue how it took us that long…

Finally we pulled into Glacier where T.Sloan hosted us. The wood stove was firing and that evening consisted of a wild amount of loose Tecates, some last minute wax jobs and a drizzle of sleep, the perfect combination for a good time at Mt. Baker. Can’t forget the legendary slabs of salmon that Shawna brought over for dinner, thanks for the fish Shawna!


I have to say that the next two days were by far some of the most spectacular runs I have ever had the pleasure to lace at Mt. Baker. Couldn’t see a dang thing, but when the visibility popped it was on, the crew frothed, feasted and harvested it all with big smiles and a thumbs up. It wasn’t necessarily the powder that curated those best times, but more so the people I was sharing the bootpack with.

This team is magic, and while not all of our Trew Crew were present, it speaks volumes to the people that ride for us. They aren’t just team members or ambassadors, they’re family. A family that believes in any person who shares the stoke and love for deep turns and untouched terrain, for slushy corn and cold brews, fist bumps and new friends. Camaraderie is what lies at the base of the Trew ethos, because no friends on a powder day is a stupid rule, and everything is better when you share it with good people. 

With that being said, we present to you the photo gallery from Trew Gears First Annual Content Harvest! Big thanks to Calvin Shillington for stepping in to take these photos alongside myself, big thanks to Andrew Burns who filmed and carried a full blown rig the entire time, thanks to The Mt Baker Ski Area for having us up again and always taking care of the Trew Crew, and big thanks to the Trew Crew for rallying and busting ass to harvest.


Cheers legends!


Sincerely but in a fun way,


-Nate Duffy, Team “Manager”;)

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