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Sunday Trewbune: November 3rd 2019

By Ashley Davidson on

Nothing will get you inspired for winter like a little Japow action...

So we present to you: Sunokeru. Another banger of a short film by the Korua Shapes crew. 

Sunokeru means snorkel in Japanese. Need we elaborate?

Of course we don't need to. You're going to feel some chills and we wouldn't blame you if you end up buying your ticket to Japan after viewing it.

Is it worth it to eat Top Ramen in the states for 2 months just to visit Japan? Absolutely worth it, just drink lots of water it helps balance all the salt. Also worth it because the ramen in Japan is exactly what you'd expect. Mind blowing, just like the powder. 

Above image: How to Japan on a budget. Just think of it as training to be "culinarily prepared"  for your trip.

Here's some perspective for yah

This article published on is a trip backwards in time, to the grassroots history of some our country's most beloved ski areas. In the day and age of computer gates, scanners and zip ties the ticket wicket is a forgotten technological advancement from the wonder days.

Not everywhere though. The Trew Crew has a few places we frequent in the PNW that still use the wicket and we're in full  with this quote from the article: "wickets don’t come around much anymore, but for at a few holdouts, they remind us that skiing is about spending time in the mountains rather than condos"

Read the full nostalgia trip here

Ladies night at TREW HQ!

Women of Portland! We want to hear from you this Thursday at Trew HQ! Come join us for an evening with our VP of outerwear design Brittany Crook. Brittany's going to talk about the design process and open the conversation to all of you for feedback on what has and hasn't worked for you in the world of women's outerwear. RSVP here!


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