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CAPOW Design and Development

By Chris Pew on

This December our VP Design and Development, Brittany Crook, went to visit our partners in the powder, CAPOW Guiding. If you haven't yet experienced a trip in the Canadian backcountry with Marty and his CAPOSSE, then we highly recommend that you do soon. No one packs a more pleasant skin track than a CAPOW guide, and the way down, well, is obviously fun too. 

Brittany's goals for this trip was to work with Marty and his team on in-line product feedback as well as a full-on design collaboration for the new CAPOW outerwear line. Using what we've learned on our award-winning TREWth Bib and Wander/Roam collection, we're designing a new collection of outerwear inspired by Marty and his merry band of Canadian powder specialists. 

If you leave the hut smiling, it's going to be a good day. Nothing cuts the morning chill like our packable Up Jacket, and no other colorway brings a smile to your face like that Tie Dye! Most colors are sold out for this season, but keep your eyes peeled for the Up Jacket's redesign in 2018...



Quick transitions from walk to downhill mode are the keys to an efficient day in the backcountry. If Brittany wouldn't laugh so much, she'd probably have a really fast transition, but then she wouldn't have as much fun! 

Stella Jacket and Chariot Bib, looking calm and poised blasting powder pillows. 

Johnny Covershot nailing the grab and the dramatic snow movement. 

Lead guide, Marty Schaffer, testing out a pair of prototype CAPOW Bibs and Up Jacket redesign. Here Marty points out something important with his pole, demonstrating textbook guiding form and confidence. Whether or not he's pointing out the slope aspect or maybe some wildlife tracks we don't know, we'd still follow him anywhere. 

Lead guide, Marty, pointing out the path of most powder. Wearing a prototype CAPOW Jacket and CAPOW Bib. 

In between the daily powder sessions, Brittany and Marty worked on the design and development of the future "greatest backcountry apparel for slaying powder with your CAPOSSE". As a lifelong professional backcountry ski and snowboard guide, Marty has a refined perspective on what works and doesn't work with gear. He's able to not only observe his own experience, but the experiences of hundreds of clients every year. This trip yielded some great results and ideas, we're so stoked to unveil these products to the public.

When the beer mugs are empty, the creativity tap overflows....

...JACKPOT! Looks like Marty has made a breakthrough here. That means our work is done here, time to go home. 

Brittany, Lexi, Johnny Covershot demonstrating perfect skin track selfie form. 

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  • KD on

    Yeah! Can’t wait to see the colors!!! Yewwwww

  • Joe Lammers on

    Match made in heaven. Can’t wait to see where this partnership goes!

  • Sofia Forsman on

    We all love skiing right, seeing where you’re friends or guide is and where they went if by any chance they’d be a bot quicker than you is nice, especially if you don’t know whete you are. So please, put the guide and us all is colourful clothing or they’ll easily be mistaken for a rock or a tree.
    Dark colours doesn’t get as dirty, I get it, ski guides are dirty. And colours will look better in photos too, two in one right?!

  • Marty Schaffer on

    Such a fun trip, and mega stoked on the prototype capow threads. Britt is going to do such a good job I’d get you’re pre-order in now.

    More Pillow Talk found here –

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