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Photo Story: Summer Has Arrived on Mount Hood

By Katherine Donnelly on

It is incredible how much joy can come from some sunshine, human connections, and a simple backcountry booter. 

The past few months at TREW have been full of uncertainty and spiked with unprecedented stress as we have adapted to the new 'normal'; between the Zoom calls, binge watching, and heavy amounts of doomscrolling, we all agreed that it was time to get away from our screens and outside for some fresh air in hopes of recharging, reconnecting, and clearing the mind. A much-needed 'mental health day', if you will.

Expectations were low as we made our way to the Timberline climbing lot, and the day started out slowly as we skinned up to Palmer to meet up with Eric and Brian from the Snowledge team for an impromptu afternoon mission. Our goal: build a jump and get some fresh footage. But mostly just have fun. With our legs and lungs burning after months stuck at home, we felt every step and we took many a break - both to rest and to let our surroundings sink in.

A stroke of luck hit when we found this unattended jump already built, and with a little bit of TLC on the run-in and landing we were off and running on an afternoon that won't soon be forgotten. 

Bluebird and a balmy 65 degrees, I think it's safe to say that summer has officially arrived on Mount Hood. Here's a quick little photo recap from our first summer session.

^ Eric scoping out the descent while Hibbs takes in the views of Mount Hood. 
^ Hiking up to drop in. Hibbs getting ready to show us his moves, and Rocker the dog eager to chase.  
^ Hibbs with the guinea pig via GIPHY

^ Brian the snowboarder, Rocker the dog.
^ Gotta get back up to get down...
^ You know, that "Man's best friend" kinda vibe. Dare I say, the "Dog days of summer..." 
^ Turns out Eric's got some moves and isn't afraid to look at the camera. Those TREWth Bibs don't look too shabby, either.
^ A slight perspective change with Hibbs getting sendy.
^ Dogs make everything better.
^ He got the grab, ladies and gents. And with Eric's last trick, we packed up and made our way back to the parking lot. Until next time...

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  • Michael Cahn on

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Eric on

    Ready for round 2!!

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