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New Colors and Updated Fits Launching February 2020

By Katherine Donnelly on

Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round - we've got some BIG news....

For the first time in our ten year history, we're taking a mid-winter leap and are dropping brand new colors in our best-selling gear this February. 3....2....1....DROPPING!

GREENROOM | Cosmic Jacket + Stella Jacket

DUSK BLUE | Chariot Bib + TREWth Bib

MOAB | Stella Jacket + Chariot Bib

RED | Cosmic Jacket

MAGMA | Cosmic Jacket + TREWth Bib

KHAKI | NEW for Chariot Bib + TREWth Bib restock

New colors will be available to pre-order online beginning on February 21, and all new colors are expected to start shipping from our Portland warehouse by February 25.

This ship date is subject to change, but we will keep this article updated as we get more information on product arrival and shipping. Please also note that these new colors will only be available for purchase at and in our Portland shop. 

New colors, new fit

Not only will these fresh colors be popping on the slopes as we inch closer to Spring, but we've also taken all of our customer reviews and feedback to heart and have made some updates to some of the styles for improved sizing, fit, and all-around comfort. 

Our updated Chariot Bib and TREWth Bib will provide more room in the hips, thighs, and butt area to increase mobility for a wider range of sizes and a truer-to-size fit. Our Chariot Bib will also sport a larger leg opening to allow all boot sizes and styles to fit underneath. 

For more information about our women's outerwear fit and sizing, head over to this blog for the full deets. 

Have any questions or want help with sizing? We'd love to help out, just hit us up at

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  • Chris (TREW) on

    Tony, I just sent you an email. Thanks for the feedback on bib fit and features. Definitely stuff we’re always working on. As for the wetting out on chairlifts, this shouldn’t be happening and I’ll shoot you some tips and see if we can help you out. -Chris

  • Tony Detmer on

    I’ve been rocking my Trewth bibs now for a bit over a month now and I’m finding my butt is definitely getting wet on the snowy day riding the chairs. For touring they’ve rocked though I might make a couple tweaks. The first is the relief zipper could be a bit larger. With the stiffness of the cover fold of fabric and the short zipper it’s a little more snug than i would like. Second I would like the side zipper to run a bit lower to both vent a bit further and to make the flex at the knee feel less restricted when it’s all the way down. Third I would switch the suspender slide buckles to something that holds better. I can’t get them to stay adjusted for a day always slipping back down to the longest option and then sags enough to restrict movement at the hip and knee. Any tips on getting the waterproof back to snuff would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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