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Japan By Van: That's A Wrap!

By Ashley Davidson on

Japan was a hoot as always and what a long and strange trip it’s been. We’re wrapping up our final week here in the land of the rising fun and we’ve spent the last week praying so hard for powder. It’s been low tide in general, but these last 14 days provided minimal snowfall and high winds, truely a “wrong place, wrong time” theme. With that horrid combination the backcountry was too unstable and most resorts on our hit list were wiped clean of any fun having. What do you do when the pow dries up? Find a spot on the side of the road and take hot laps with your friends!

No matter the conditions or the forecast you can always count on good ol comradery and a bottle of cheap Japanese whiskey to set your mind right. These photos are a testimony to finding good times no matter what or where you are, in classic Trew fashion. See you stateside and thanks for tagging along with us on our Japan adventure.

Til next time Japow, Kanpai! 

(PS good god we’ve missed real pizza)

Big thanks to the photographers we've gotten to work with on this trip, memories wouldn't have been captured so radically without you guys! 

Thank you David Wells, Evan Skoczenski, and Hannah Beauchemin for your time put in behind the lens and lugging a camera in your backpack.



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  • Jack on

    Awesome pics, esp. the steam vents. If there are travel opps. you know of for Japan, would love to hear about them.


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