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Introducing: The TREW Alpine Club

By Katherine Donnelly on

If you're familiar with TREW, then maybe you already know....but for those of you who aren't as well-versed on our vision and ethos, here's a good intro:

When you show up to a trailhead or liftline and you spot the thumbs up brand, you know that you’re in good company.

We’re here for a good time, and we’re committed to bringing people together. It’s the people around us that inspire us to work hard and dig deep, both in the office and in the mountains - and we wholeheartedly believe that people who have positive experiences in the mountains are better stewards for the environment, happier people in their communities, and more motivated to make the world a better place.

Thumbs up, pass it on.

In this same thread, we are incredibly pumped to introduce our brand new membership-based community: the TREW Alpine Club

In its first season, the TREW Alpine Club will only be available to 150 lucky humans. These folks will get some brand new TREW Gear from our righteous 2021/22 outerwear lineup - but they will also have access to awesome products, deals and perks from both TREW Gear and TREW-trusted brands. Additionally, all club members will have the opportunity to attend special events (online and in person) with the TREW Crew, be our first line of TREW-munication when new products drop, gear is being developed, and more!

The TREW-trusted brands

Who are these brands, you ask? Allow us introduce you:



Purveyor of top-notch skis, we're BIG fans of what these guys do and - possibly more important - how they do it. Great people, great boards, and you'll quickly fall in love with their beautiful graphics, overall vision, and infectious character. 

"4FRNT, just like Trew, cherishes and values our time in the mountains. We know that our time spent living, playing, and exploring outside is time well spent. In order to make the most of every minute out there, we rely on quality gear that can ensure the best possible experiences. Since 2002, our small independent ski manufacturing company has been committed to progression and innovation. Connecting with a company like Trew and skiers like yourself, fuels our motivation to continue to create bad ass gear for epic days in the mountains. 4FRNT is stoked to be a part of the Alpine Club and can’t wait to see you on the hill."

Tier 1: 20% off || Tier 2: 10% off [one-time purchase]

Blackstrap Industries

Another Oregon brand that we love to work with! You've likely seen (or worn) their neckies, balaclavas, and other face protection on out the hill before - but they also make some solid base layers, goggle covers, and much more. 

P.S. Blackstrap was so excited about the Alpine Club that they are sending custom Club goggle covers to the first 25 people to become members!

"BlackStrap is a company for anyone that finds themselves in the elements.  Our USA made Facegear, Accessories, Base Layer & Headwear get put to the test on skin tracks and chairlifts by passionate individuals on 1 and 2 planks.  We're stoked to part of the Alpine Club and hope our products keep you warm & protected on your adventure regardless if you are ascending or descending in the Mountains!"

Tier 1: 50% off || Tier 2: 25% off [full-priced items only]

Blanket Glacier Chalet

If there was one place that we had to be stranded at for the rest of our lives, it would be this place. Tucked up in the Monashee Mountains outside of Revelstoke, BC, the Chalet is a family-operated ski hut that offers incredible experiences for those looking for adventure. It's hard to really we recommend checking out their site, and then booking a trip to see it for yourself.

Tier 1: 10% off 

Capow Guiding

Everyone, meet Marty. Marty runs Capow guiding, is a long-time TREW ambassador, and all-around amazing human being. Not only does he call Blanket Glacier Chalet home for most fo the winter (it's in his blood) and run many clinics and guided trips from his family hut, but his business also offers many classes and educational opportunities in and around Revelstoke throughout the season. Honestly, we think most people sign up for Marty's trips just to get to hang out with him....although the mountains he shows them are pretty alright, too.

Tier 1: 10% off || Tier 2: 10% off

Graybird Guiding

If BC is a bit far for you, then consider Graybird an easy choice for some US-based backcountry fun. Shane is one of the people who effortlessly makes you feel home in the mountains, no matter your experience or comfort level. You can trust him and his team to show you a good time - whether you're out for a guided romp in the backcountry or taking one of their avalanche safety classes. 

"Like a secret handshake or an inside joke, playing in the snow is always more fun with friends, and the Alpine Club is like magically getting a bunch of new friends. So, let's go play in the snow - after you show us the secret handshake, of course!" - Shane, Graybird Guiding

Tier 1: 10% off private bookings and 10% select trips | Tier 2: 10% off private bookings [minimum of 2 people for private bookings]

Mountain Sense

There's no such thing as too much training when it comes to backcountry travel, and with Mountain Sense you can refresh your skills and education easily from the comfort of your home. Through this membership, you'll have discounted access to Mark Smiley's most popular courses: A Comprehensive Guide to Avalanche Safety + The Ultimate Guide to Backcountry Skiing & Ski Mountaineering

Tier 1: 50% off || Tier 2: 25% off 

onX Backcountry

New to the ski and backcountry scene, onX is now offering their GPS-driven online maps and navigation tools for those with skiing and split-boarding on their mind -- but really, their resources can be used for just about any outdoor adventure you can think up. They also offer maps specific to hunting and off-roading, too!

Tier 1: 30% off || Tier 2: 20% off

Pret Helmets

If you ask us, very little is as important as protecting your head when you're out sliding on snow. That's why we love working with Pret Helmets, an innovative helmet company making some of the most comfortable brain buckets out there. Pret is also a small brand based in Park City, and they're employees are awesome!

Tier 1: 35% off || Tier 2: 20% off [valid for up to two helmets]

RISE Brewing Co.

We're still pretty new to RISE, but ever since meeting them and trying out their delicious drinks we are totally hooked! All organic and absolutely scrumptious, we love having a Rise coffee beverage first thing in the morning, after a big lunch, and even a few (or more) on our Winter road trips. Wake up, and enjoy some RISE.

"RISE is honored to be a part of the TREW Alpine Club, we know nothing pairs with an alpine start quite like delicious coffee, the best bibs in the game, and 4 or 5 generous helpings of stoke. Our coffee is best enjoyed on the drive to the mountain or as a summit beer replacement after a long morning skinner."

Tier 1: BOGO || Tier 2: 20% off

Truce Designs

In short, TREW goes with Truce like mashed potatoes and gravy. We've been friends and partners for years now, and Truce even calls the basement of TREW HQ home. Founded and run by Luke Mathers, Truce makes one-of-a-kind packs, bags, and more from recycled materials. Make sure to check out their drop liner backpacks!

"I'm stoked to be part of the Club and share some of the more ski-specific stuff I've been working on!" - Luke Mathers

Tier 1: 20% off || Tier 2: 10% off

Zeal Optics

Last but definitely not least, Zeal is our go-to for high-quality, functional, and effortlessly stylish goggles and sunglasses. Yet another small business, Zeal is based in Colorado and they absolutely ooze the cool vibes. With so many sunnies and goggles on the market, we're throughly impressed with Zeal's attention to detail and thoughtful design - and we think that you'll absolutely love their stuff just as much as we do.

“Zeal is defined as passion, and we live by our name every day. Where some say there’s “no friends on a powder day,” we believe when you share the same Zeal for winter, that we’re all friends on a powder day. That’s why we’re beyond stoked to be a part of the Trew Alpine Club. We can’t wait for you to see winter through our lenses.”

Exclusive offer on sunglasses or goggles. Sign up to find out more!


Well, that's just about everyone. For a complete look at the discounts and offers included in each tier of the Alpine Club, see below or visit the membership page to get your spot before they're all gone!

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