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Holiday Outerwear Drive with Snowdays Foundation

By Katherine Donnelly on

Happy Holidays, everyone! We're excited to announce that we are working with Snowdays Foundation, an amazing Oregon-based nonprofit working to bring more youth into the mountains, this season in a few different ways - and possibly most exciting is our first-ever Holiday Outerwear Drive

Photo courtesy of Snowdays Foundation.

We recently launched The Afterlife, a program for the TREW community allowing for gear trade-ins for store credit, garment recycling, and outerwear donations. 

But through the end of 2021, we are upping the ante and offering double the normal donation credit for every TREW outerwear garment donated - which comes out to $70 in TREW store credit, plus shipping fees covered, for each item donated! 

All items must be still wearable and functional; if there are minor issues or damage, we will cover the cost of repairs so that the item can then be passed along to its new home....

Which brings us back to Snowdays Foundation, since every item donated through The Afterlife will be passed directly on to this amazing organization to help support their good work in building engagement and creating opportunities for kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to enjoy the mountains.

You can also shop TREW on Giving Tuesday, 11/30, and have 20% of your purchase amount be donated to Snowdays Foundation. 

So what are you waiting for....clean out your closet and do some good this holiday season!

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