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The TREW Holiday Gift Guide

It's November, which means that it's that time of the year again. How did it sneak up so fast? We have no idea. Either you've already figured out what you are going to gift to those closest to you, or you're seeing this article (and the hundreds of other gift guides out there) and cursing yourself for not getting on this sooner...but luckily for you, we're here to help.

If your family and friends enjoy frolicking through and sliding around on snow as much as we do, then they are sure to love at least one item on this list - if not every. single. item. It doesn't matter how much you have to spend - $5, $50, or $500 - there is something here for every budget that is bound to wow.

'Tis the freaking season, now get gifting!

Bibs, from us TREWly

Surprise, surprise - a TREW Gear Gifting Guide that features TREW Gear. Yes, we know the price tag is a little steep for just a casual gift, but for those powderhounding loved ones who you deem worth the $300+ budget look no further than some of the best bibs around. 25% off storewide between November 25 and December 2 also doesn't hurt, so take a look at our Men's and Women's Bibs and get ready to be the new holiday MVP.

And now that we've got our selfless plug out of the way, let's move on to more gifts from awesome brands and companies that we love...

A shred-cation with Loge Camps

Fully stacked gear rentals, fun atmosphere, and the perfect bar-side fire pits make for one helluva vacation - and if you play your cards right, you might even get an invite to join in. 

Skis or a splitboard from a plethora of righteous companies

There's so many businesses out there making skis and boards these days, it's hard to know which way's up. Allow us to recommend some of our favorite snow sticks for this current season - for both the guys and gals:

Rad art from Gianna Andrews

Supporting local artists and creatives never misses the mark when it comes to thoughtful gifts, and we're total suckers for our Ambassador Gianna's drool-worthy, mountain-inspired masterpieces. | Priceless

Tracker S Avalanche Transceiver from BCA

If we woke up to a shiny new beacon under our tree/menorah this holiday season, we'd be stoked. Hint hint...but really, this is a great gift for everyone from backcountry beginners to long-time snowchasers. | $299

Backpack from TRUCE Designs

Hand-made, up-cycled materials, and unparalleled durability make these packs stand out. Better yet, get in touch with Luke and customize your pack to the smallest detail. | Starting at $185

Armless Sunnies from Ombraz

Forget about arms breaking and scratched lenses, these babies will just keep kicking while providing stellar optics in all conditions. | $140


The Stealth Shovel by DMOS Shovel 

Not everyone has an avalanche shovel with them at all times. For them, the DMOS Stealth if the perfect gift to keep them prepped and ready for anything they might run into. | $99

Custom Bamboo Poles from Grass Sticks

Build the poles yourself or choose a gift card so they can customize their own. Either way, they'll love them! | Starting at $98

Black Pen from Grovemade

Okay, you caught us - this isn't really a snow-related gift, but rather a pretty damn rad pen. The perfect pen, in fact, to write in your avalanche books every morning and take notes when route planning with friends. | $50

Classic Gloves from Give'r Gloves 

The most versatile glove we've ever worn, making it the best for that resort-to-backcountry ripper on your gift list. Make a pair even more special by adding the custom monogram. | $40

Adventure Belt from Arcade 

Pants always falling down, or just want to gift some style to that friend of yours? Go Arcade. You won't regret it, and your friend will forever owe you. | $26

Skida Tour 

Like your normal everyday buff, but way better. A real smorgasbord of patterns and colors, all made with love in Vermont. Buy one for a friend, then buy one for yourself. | $22

Quick Wax from mountainFLOW Eco-Wax

Good wax, good ingredients. It's that simple, and it makes for a killer stocking stuffer. Your bases will thank you. | $15.95

Air Fresheners from Nose Patrol

Know someone who absolutely stinks? Here's your chance for reprieve. Seriously, jump on it. "Making good time smell better." | $5 a pop

Garment Patches from Noso Patch

Maybe not the sexiest gift, but these little things rule and it never hurts to be prepared the next time your friend or family member goes tree skiing. | Starting at $4.99

Avalanche Class with AIARE or Avalanche Canada

There's nothing more gift-worthy than safe backcountry skills. Period. | Prices range, check your local provider for more information.

A damn good book from The Mountaineers Books

Whether it's a nail-biting work of adventure non-fiction or a backcountry educational piece, there's bound to be something at The Mountaineers for every outdoors lover. 

Donation to a non-profit in their name

Make your gift go far by picking an organization that is near and dear to the giftee's heart. Just a few of our favorites: Protect Our WintersHigh Fives FoundationConservation AllianceSheJumps

A gift card to their local outdoor store

Is there anything better than having a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket and taking a trip to your local shop? We think not. Support local, shop small - and that goes double during the holidays.


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