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Have You Ever Been To Jackson?

By Nate Duffy on

Corey has been skiing in Trew outerwear for the past 3 seasons and he brings an immeasurable amount of stoke to our team. Corey is definitely the hype man, a certified Trew believer and an absolute beast on and off piste. The man bags more vertical than a himilayan mountain goat (not sure if those even exist?) and he does it with a smile on his face and an ice cold Montucky Cold Snack in one or both of his hands. Where are his poles if both his hands are full of delicious beer? We’ll leave that up to your imagination dear reader.

A month back Corey and photographer Andrew Chad came to us with a wild pitch. The two of them would be traveling to Jackson Hole to join like minded powder lovers for 3 days of backcountry shredding and picture taking for the Arcteryx Academy. Corey’s crew would be competing in the Jackson Photo Showdown, an event hosted by the Academy that would showcase their 3 day powder bender. 

We’re going to stop ourselves here, mainly because we just had a phenomenal idea: why are we talking about this when Corey should be the one talking about it?! He was there, he lived it, he was at the epicenter of Jackson big mountain culture 

With all that being said, we believe we have adequately prepared you for this takeover. Corey, tell us more, tell us everything you learned during your time in Jackson Hole...


"So there we were, heading to Jackson Hole. The legendary J Hole as they say. I had never been to Jackson but there we sat, two cats from Montana driving 10 hours south...when Revelstoke with a record snowfall year was only 5 hours north. But my good old buddy Andrew Chad and I hit the open road with Red Bull and a big ol bag of candy.

The event we were participating in was the Arc’teryx Jackson Hole Backcountry Showdown. Six teams and access to all the open terrain of Jackson Hole. The Showdown contest requires each team to come up with a 3 - 5 minute slide show documenting the three day event. We show up to the meeting before the event starts to find out that all of the other teams know the area very well or are local to Jackson. These guys have back country cheese wedge jumps ready for action in their secret zones, us on the other hand? Well, we had no plan... 

The next three days we decide to aim our slide show towards the best time ever in Jackson! We hit all the classics, both the mountains and the town! Everyone else had a pre set itinerary but we were on the go in a town we had never been in. We hit the best mountaineering Jackson had to offer (see below) navigated through downtown hazards roped up, hitch hiked, did some actual hiking, ripped Jackson blower pow, and even took our Christmas card photo with a random girl we picked up on the slopes! It was an all time trip to Jackson and just about as classic as it gets!"



 Fun Fact: The "random" girl for the Christmas card photo was actually Trew Crew rider Bri Moore  

Can you spot The Jackson Tilt?

PSA: The boys did find The Jackson Tilt. Or maybe The Jackson Tilt found the boys... 

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