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Elevated Surfcraft X Trew Gear Volume 003

By Nate Duffy on

This year is special for us when it comes to collaborations. With the highest stoke we present to you the third collaborative collection of TREW X Elevated Surfcraft snowboards. This year we curated not one but two extremely limited snowboards with Aaron Lebowitz, founder and shaper behind Elevated.

Meet the powfish, measuring in at 4’10 it’s a nimble craft designed for maneuverability in tight spots and maximum pump on large surfy powder faces. For the last 2 seasons we’ve produced a Powfish collab with Aaron alongside our legendary Powfish jacket. A classic silhouette, The Powfish snowboard resembles the roots of its surf heritage. The fish was a revolutionary progression from the Greenough Spoon back in the early days of surfing, a time where surfing was progressing beyond the classic longboarding era of the 60's. Steve Lis is credited with shaping the first fish surfboard from a snapped longboard, hence ushering in a new wave of surfing.

A fish surfboard is easy to spot as its tail splits at the center of the stringer (the usually visible core of the surfboard) at the tail, peeling away in opposing arches, leaving a bent V that tapers to the rail (or outside edge) of the tail. The Powfish snowboard is a dead ringer for its surfboard counterpart in looks and performance. The fish can be playful and skatey in small tight surf and excels in larger wide opens, be it a wave or bank of fresh powder. The tail profile of a fish surfboard allows the tail to break freely at the apex of a turn, the same behavioral traits of the Powfish mid pow turn. The Elevated Powfish emulates the fishy behavior exhibited by the surfboard and if you’re a fan of surfing you’ll feel right at home on this powder hound of a fish. Here’s some words from Aaron on the design and story behind the creation of the Powfish: 

This is a photo of a Grizzly Rabbit

A mythical creature which resides in the SW of MT, supposedly they are 3 feet tall with the antlers and things. I shaped the Powfish To follow their tracks through the deep powder fields at lost trail powder mountain. Like a snowshoe hare three times as big and can jump 8 feet at a time. I’ve only ever seen the tracks with the late night. Groomers tell stories that they’ve seen them chasing coyotes.

Traditional skis and boards would wallow in the deep powder, where the powfish Could easily track their nimble route across deep snow, darting between the trees

This is a first for Trew and for Elevated Surfcraft: The Red Tail Hawk Split. I can personally vouch for how incredible this board is to handle on all snow surfaces. The Red Tail is not a new shape for Aaron, in fact it’s one of his flagship boards that’s been in constant development since its inception. 

The Hawk epitomizes surfing. Every motion is fluid and drawn out, in comes in at 5 foot 1 inch and features a plump nose slightly tapered to a flared diamond tail, homage to ocean surfcraft of similar design. A diamond tail operates as a combination of two tail shapes. The rounded pintail, a soft point essentially that’s great for arching turns and bigger waves, and the squash tail, a rounded square tail that (depending on the shape & length of the board) can offer a similar, loose ride and can be easily broken loose on the surface of a wave. With this combo you are now looking at the hard, protruding lines of the Red Tail hawks diamond tail. Want to carve ruts in the groomers in graceful arches? Check. Rail deep powder and get lost in one of the biggest white rooms of your life? Also check. Rip frozen waves and pretend you’re getting barreled? Double check. 

The Red Tail does it all, it’s only shortcoming: it can’t summit backcountry lines without major inconvenience and extra work being a solid board. So Aaron dreamed up the Red Tail Hawk Splitboard: Elevated Surfcrafts first splitboard. It was a no brainer to collab on this, if you didn’t know already, WE LOVE THE BACKCOUNTRY! It’s where we thrive and where our gear excels. The Red Tail Hawk as a regular solid board or a splitboard is a quiver killer and capable of whatever you can throw at it. As a split this board is ready to put miles behind it to track steep and deep terrain anywhere and everywhere.

Here’s some words from Aaron on the shaping of the Red Tail:

The red tail hawk she applies biomimicry of its animal namesake. Watching the creature catching thermals And swooping large circular motion effortlessly, then as it sees its prey, quickly adjusts the angle of its tail and dives to strike. Riding at powder Mountain Utah with wide open spaces, sailing across deep fresh powder and then darting between the aspen trees. When I ride this board- I spread my arms like wings in the subtlest shift of positioning redirects the body and initiates the turn. Ride the hawk, be the hawk.


Don’t forget that these boards are crafted in extremely limited batches and when they’re gone, they’re gone! You can learn more about Elevated Surfcraft and purchase yours here

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