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Descend on Bend 2019

By Nate Duffy on

We heard the whispers of some legendary van gathering happening just outside of La Pine in eastern Oregon. Descend on Bend is the name of the party and we tagged along with our friends Nose Patrol who were sponsors of this years event. 

This was year number 6 for Descend and it all started with just a small handful of good friends and their Volkswagen Vanagons. It’s since grown in that 6 years to yield over a thousand individuals and 500+ rigs of the road. People caravan from all over the country for the weekend every year, you’ll find an eccentric gathering of license plates throughout camp ranging from the Carolinas to British Columbia. 


In the daytime you’ll find no shortage of activities. In camp you can walk the avenues of rigs ranging from homemade truck campers to retro VW busses straight out of the Beach Boys era. The annual pot luck kicks off the weekend and it’s a social time to meet the people you might not be parked next to. The vendor are was rich with merch and most importantly beverages. We slept right next to these guys for many reasons.

Autobahn Coffee is the raddest mobile coffee rig you’ve ever seen. Built out of the back of a VW Poptop Bus, we met Chad the owner and operator who’s been supplying luxury camp coffee at Descend for a few years now. Thanks for waking us up Chad! Next to Autobahn: Silver Moon brewery and our favorites Union Wine Co. Need we say more?

 Got 4x4? DOB is hosted on private property that butts up against some awesome public outback. Hole in the ground is an epic sight to see, the sunken remains of an ancient volcano that you can drive down into with a capable vehicle. Luckily we came prepared and the dirt was oh so fine. It’s also an easy walk from camp to go visit, but we must admit it’s a whole new level to spend some time down in the pit. 

We’re no strangers to the “vanlife”, it’s something that alot of people who ski or snowboard eventually cope with at one point or another, for the sake of being in the right place at the right time. Descend is a congregation where all walks of the road gather, whether you’re a full time traveller, seasonal, weekend warrior or just bringing your family out for the experience. After spending 4 dusty days there it seems apt to quote the tagline of Descend: Humans Being. Thanks for having us guys!

We almost forgot to mention the reverse slip and slide for adults

Check out the full documentary on Descend on Bend and we'll see you there next year! 

Big thank to Gene, Dave and Ryan for having us

Photos courtesy of @bhaleyimage and @chopnate

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