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The Last US Bag Factory

We had the opportunity this past season to build custom backpacks and distribute them globally for one of Silicon Valley's biggest companies. Our line of custom, technical bags designed by Luke Mathers, Truce Designs, is traditionally made to order in small batches by Luke himself. In order to scale up the operation, we partnered with the Last US Bag Factory in Vancouver, Washington. 

The backpacks are a modern take on a traditional daypack. Utilizing durable, waterproof fabrics from Dimension Polyant and water-resistant zippers from YKK. The design is engineered for daily use in an office, with a dedicated laptop sleeve and small pockets for accessories. We hope to be able to bring the bags to our customer base soon! 

These are portraits of the people that made that project possible. This is what "Made in the Pacific Northwest" looks like. 

Truce bag designer Luke Mathers

Truce Bags designer and founder Luke Mathers. 

LUSB technical pattern maker

Lise Tice, technical designer and pattern-maker at The Last US Bag Company in Vancouver, Washington. 

Luke and Lisa refining the technical pattern

Luke and Lisa worked together to scale the design for the production sewing. 

Terry Rodney on the production sewing line

Terry Rodney, production sewer, top-stitching the webbing loop to the back panel. 

Mark McGrath laminating the 3M reflective tape

Mark McGrath, production manager at LUSB, prepping the 3M reflective tape for the heat press. 

Tonya Esse sewing the waterproof bags

Tonya Esse, sewing the YKK-USA water-resistant zippers to the side panels of the bag. 

Follow Luke and Hank through the factory...


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