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Augusta & Adeline: Finally a Brand That Makes Women's Moto Gear

By Katherine Donnelly on

I know, I know, this is not your typical post from TREW. You might be thinking, "wait, moto gear???" But hear me out....

You've come to love our winter outerwear here at TREW, and this is large part is because of the incredible design work and gear innovations from one very special lady named Brittany Crook. Britt pushed our products into the future over the past few years, and we all owe so much to her and her brilliant mind and hand in garment design (ladies, you can specifically thank Britt for our Chariot drop seat zipper and all of your easy pee breaks). And while Britt is still helping us keep TREW on the forefront of gear progression year after year, she has recently embarked on a passion project of her very own and we couldn't be more excited for and proud of her!

Britt doing her thing, going over new products and colorways with TREW athletes on a Winter trip. 

If you don't know Britt, then here's a very quick rundown: she's a Canadian, she loves splitboarding, she's incredibly rad and kind, she has an adorable dog named Gramps, and - last but not least - she is a badass moto-riding chick who oozes style wherever she goes. So it was only natural that she combine her background in design and her passion for motorcycles...and that's how August & Adeline was born. 

While still in the early stages of building her business, we urge you to check out Britt's new endeavor online and on Instagram. She has a Kickstarter launching soon to kick things into high gear, so keep an eye on her page to learn more and support her on this new journey. You know the TREW Crew be watching closely and rooting for her every step of the way :)


Press Release:

Women have been riding motorcycles for over 100 years, so why are they still overlooked by the industry they love?

Leading technical apparel designer Brittany Crook plans to show women there is a place for all of us in the motorcycle world with the launch of her new women’s performance motorcycle gear line, Augusta and Adeline.

In conjunction with the launch of her Kickstarter campaign, Crook is starting a cross-country journey to follow in the footsteps of women’s motorcycle icons Augusta and Adeline Van Buren, who in 1916 were the first women to ride their motorcycles solo across the continental US. They did this before paved roads, before national maps existed and before women were allowed to wear pants. 

“The mission of the Augusta and Adeline brand is to create a community of women around a love of motorcycles and provide more apparel options for women who ride,” says Crook, who's held senior design roles at industry leaders Dakine, Trew, and Arc’teryx. 

In partnership with a US-based factory, Crook has implemented high-quality manufacturing with acute attention to detail that enables superior fit, function, and comfort, focusing on how the female form moves to create motorcycle gear women want to live in. 

“Women have been riding motorcycles for over 100 years, but the industry still overlooks us,” said Brittany Crook, founder and CEO. “I’m following in Augusta and Adeline’s tracks to celebrate women’s history and build a sisterhood of motorcycle enthusiasts by inviting women to ride with me along the way. I’m launching this brand to show women that there is a place for all of us in the motorcycle world.”

Launching with a sleek pair of chaps to be worn over everyday clothing and a vintage-inspired 1.1mm full-grain leather jacket with modern design lines, both pieces feature women’s specific articulated fit to work with all riding positions. The $20,000 Kickstarter goal will support the 2022 production run. 

Follow the ride on Instagram @augusta.and.adeline.

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